GarageBand Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 Apps like

When you focus on making music you are making innovative work in music so you might want an app like GarageBand that makes it easier to create a music album. This is a powerful application that offers you a wide range of sound libraries on your hand. You can make music immediately in the same way as you feel. Is GarageBand available to download for PC?

GarageBand Download for PC

This software is only developed for the Apple ecosystem, you can use it on iPadOS and iOS, macOS. There is no official way that lets you download it on your Windows computer or laptop. In order to run on your PC, you have to download similar software which provides you with the same features like GarageBand. 

There is a huge user base who want to use Apple Software like Final Cut Pro, GarageBand, iMovie, and Logic without buying Apple devices. But unfortunately, it’s impossible to run Apple software on other operating systems. Obviously, you can use some iOS emulator to run iPhone apps on your Windows computer but it’s not the solution. Better to choose alternative software that is developed for the Windows platform. Here we have covered the best software like GarageBand download for Windows PC. Without delay let’s start.

Download GarageBand for PC Windows (Alternative)

1: Audacity

Audacity is one of the oldest audio editors which has been 20 years. Ever since the software became very popular among music production. The best part of Audacity is it supports many operating systems Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix-like, and Apple macOS. You can also download for both architecture 32bit and 64bit. It’s the best free alternative for Garageband.

Basically, it’s open-source software that provides you a variety of features to edit voice like a boom. It brings voice recording features that can be used through a microphone, or you can also connect mixer, digital equipment. No compromise with sound quality, support 16bit, 24bit, and 32bit, export audio in High quality. Audacity works with plugins as well, LDSPA, LV2, VST, and Nyquist’s. Use it to modify music in several ways. User-friendly interface with fully customizable keyboard shortcuts

Good things about Audacity:

  • Free to download
  • Support cross-platform
  • You can record audio in HQ
  • Best sound quality with bit rates
  • Works with Plugin
  • Easy to use, copy, paste cut, and delete functionality
  • Regular updates
  • Support dark theme on Windows 10
  • Simple installation process

System Requirements for Audacity

  • OS: Windows and macOS, Linux.
  • Ram: Minimum 4GB of ram for better performance
  • Processor: 2GHz
  • Installer: 26.8MB

2: FL Studio

FL Studio is another oldest audio workstation that has two decades of experience. The best part of the software is that it supports both popular operating systems Windows and macOS. FL Studio has a wide range of instrument effects with audio recording features, instant copy, paste as well. There are uncountable features that make it a more effective audio editor. The graphical interface helps you to better understand.

The software is not available for free to use, it brings some plans if you want to access all features, you need to go for a premium edition. It has four types of plan Fruity, Producer, Signature, and All Plugins edition, which comes with different price segments. But it also offers a free trial version for those who want to test and learn FL Studio. The trial version allows you some features, fully functional with no time limit, and Save projects and you can export WAV, MP3, FLAC, MIDI, and Video as well.

Good things about FL Studio

  • Graphical interface
  • Available for both platform Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS
  • Free trial version 
  • Piano Roll
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Technical support
  • Premium presets
  • FLEX Packs
  • Loop and samples
  • Performance mode
  • Knowledge base

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 or macOS 10.13
  • Processor: 2GBz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 CPU, ARM not supported
  • Ram: Minimum 4GB
  • Size: 924MB
  • Version: Updated

3: Adobe Audition

Audition audio editor comes from the most trusted company which is Adobe. This is another workstation that can be used as an alternative to GarageBand for PCs. You can download it on both operating systems Apple macOS and Windows. Record audio and edit them using step by step guide, you can achieve a professional sound quality as well. Spectral frequency display, rearrange any song using Remix to fit the tool.

It is industry-leading software that brings a free trial version for those users who learn how it works, it also has a premium subscription plan which you can buy on a monthly and annual basis, $20.99 per month. You can use 100+ royalty-free high-quality sound effects, polish your work using mixing tools, and remove background noise. 

Good things about Audition

  • Free trial edition
  • Royalty-free sound effects
  • Audio mixing and mastering
  • Podcasts recording feature
  • Support both OS macOS and Windows
  • Step by step guide tutorial

System requirement

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 or macOS
  • Processor: Multicare with 64-bit
  • Ram: 4GB minimum
  • Size: 4MB online installer

4: Ableton Live

This is another best music production software which can be used on Apple macOS and Windows platforms. The workstation was released by Ableton. Ever since it launched, it won many awards in the music making industry. Ableton Live allows you to produce music on intuitive interface. It has functionality to work in real-time so that you can express workflow. Use 56+ effects to process audio, Echo, Pedal, Amp, Vocoder, Glue and Beat.

Live brings 3 different premium plans Intro, Standard, and Suite, you can check one of them to start work, but it also offers a free trial version for 90 days, so you have an opportunity to test the workstation for free. It has a wide range of sound libraries that have more than 5000+ sounds. 

Good things about Ableton Live

  • Free trial version for 90 days
  • Support macOS and Windows
  • It offers education discount save up to 40%
  • Works with PayPal payments
  • Thousands of quality sound effects
  • Video tutorial

System Requirements 

  • Processor: Intel i5 or AMD
  • Ram: 4GB minimum 8GB recommended
  • Operating System: Windows and macOS
  • Size: Depends on the device
  • Resolution: 1366×768 display resolution

5: Cubase

Cubase is another music workstation which you can use like GarageBand. The software has been more than 31 years in the music industry, it was developed for Apple macOS and Windows by Steinberg and Yamaha Corporation. Because of its high workflow, it has achieved many awards. Cubase Pro is the core of many users, it has an elegant workflow and interface that helps them to make music easily and efficiently.

If you want to test it on your computer or laptop then, it lets you download a free trial version for 30 days which is sufficient to learn and test how it works. If you feel Cubase fits well in your production house then go for the premium edition, it also offers a huge discount for students. It supports many features like Garageband. Use Audio warp quantize, Channel strip, Chord pads, MixConsole with recording. You can use advanced audio features to export in HQ.

Good things about Cubase

  • Free trial edition for 30 days
  • Advanced Chord tracks
  • Available for Windows and macOS
  • Advanced score editor
  • Drum editor
  • Customize key shortcut
  • Best performance
  • Enhanced synchronization
  • Visual editing and SuperVision
  • 32Bit and 64bit audio.
  • AAF support

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows and macOS latest
  • CPU: Intel i Series and AMD Ryzen
  • Ram: 4GB of ram
  • Hard disk space: Free of space 5.4GB


Is there a PC Version of GarageBand

The software has been developed by Apple for its ecosystem. It’s not officially available to download for Windows and another operating system, but there is some workstation that offers you features like GarageBand.

GarageBand Online?

You cannot access GarageBand online, it’s only available to download offline you can download it from the macOS store and iPhone store.

How much does GarageBand Cost?

It charges zero cost if you are an Apple user. GarageBand is available on the App Store for free. You won’t have to pay for it. But you must have Apple iPhone or iPad, MacBook to run.

How to Download GarageBand for Windows

There is no official way to download it on Windows OS. You can use some iOS emulators or download alternative software like Audacity, Audition, and FL Studio.

We recommend downloading Audacity software that is completely free to use and offers features like GarageBand. No need to spend hundreds of dollars, when you are a beginner.

GarageBand is an effective audio editor but only supports macOS. The music industry has lots of best audio workstations which works like GarageBand, some of them we have mentioned above, you can download and install on your Windows computer. Hope you find it useful If you have anything to share on GarageBand Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 Apps like then feel free to comment below.

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