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Free Sports Streaming Sites:- Football, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, the list goes on. List of free sports. There’s a sport out there for everybody, and sometimes watching your teams and players can be incredibly expensive. Tickets to watch the biggest names in sport can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and premium sports channel subscriptions can be very expensive, especially if you don’t watch a wide range of sports or have a busy life.

As a result, more and more people are turning to free sports streaming sites to watch their favorite sports without a heavy price tag. However, finding a good site that provides quality streams can be a tiring experience, full of trial and error until you finally find a stream that works. We don’t think it’s supposed to be that way.

That’s why we’ve created a list of the best free sports streaming sites so you can also watch the big game without paying a thing or searching around for hours! All the streaming sites listed are 100% free. No catches or fees, only streams and clips of your favorite sports, all day every day.

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Free Sports Streaming Sites

1: Footybite.com

Is Soccer your passion? Then look no further than Footybite! Footybite offers high definition, free streaming of the biggest matches from around the world.

Footybite puts itself ahead of the competition by offering HD streaming for all available games as well as providing highlights for the majority of recent games you may have missed. The website is presented in a calendar fashion, allowing you to check which matches are going to be played over the next few days, catch the highlights of recent games or start streaming any of the huge games happening right now!

free sports streaming sites
free sports streaming sites

Prefer to watch the games on the go? Footybite has you covered. They also have a mobile app so you never have to miss a minute of the action.

All of the big games are shown here, from club competitions such as the Premier League, Copa Del Rey and Serie A to international competitions like the World Cup qualifiers and the African Cup of Nations.

As well as the giant European games with the big-name players and clubs, Footybite also offers streams of the smaller leagues, some of which you may not have even heard of! Leagues such as Brazil’s Serie A, Columbia’s Primera A, and Japan’s J-2 league are all represented on this amazing free sports streaming site.

However, the vast majority of links to the streams lead to external sources which means it may take some more time to access the streams and the quality may vary. However, this is not enough to take away from the high quality of the streaming site.

The huge catalog of games from across the world means that there’s nearly always a live stream available, whenever you want it. This makes Footybite.com a must for all soccer fans and watch sports online.

2: Firstrowsportz.com

Are you tired of intrusive ads and pop-ups getting in the way? Firstrowsportz may well be the site for you.

free sports streaming sites
free sports streaming sites

Although it seems to lack the sleek, modern design you may be used to in favor of a far more simple, “old school” layout, the site is incredibly easy to navigate. The simple layout makes the site very mobile friendly. The site offers a range of games from across several different sports, all of which can be streamed from several sources meaning that if one stream is not working, you don’t have to spend any more time searching around for another site!

I have noticed small drops in quality occasionally while using this site but these drops are few and far between. It is definitely not enough of an issue to take away from the amazing service offered by this free sports streaming site.

3: Livetv.sx

LiveTV offers a wide range of European sports, from soccer to rugby. They also provide streams for basketball and American football, however, it is clear that European sports are the focus of this site. Alongside the streams is a range of additional sports-related information, such as league tables and upcoming fixtures.

The website is relatively low on intrusive advertisements and has an easy to use layout, provides a large amount of information.

One issue with the site I have found is that the streams appear to be of slightly lower quality overall (there are far fewer HD streams available). Also, there have been some issues for UK users when trying to access the site, the scale of this issue is unknown and could even have been resolved so I am unable to say for certain how large of an issue this is.

Overall, LiveTV is a great streaming site, however, it does have its issues.

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4: NFLbite.com

If American football is your sport of choice, NFLBite is the one for you.

The site began as a small community on Reddit that moved on to create a high-quality streaming site. This means the site is run by fans just like you; you can trust that they care about providing you with the best service.

Although the name of the site makes it somewhat obvious, the NFL is the only competition shown on this site, meaning the variety is limited. Furthermore, the site is not very mobile friendly so without a laptop or a desktop, you will struggle to use the site.

One redeeming aspect of the site, however, is its social media panel. Along the right-hand side of the website, there is a continuous list of the recent Twitter posts from all of the NFL teams and the official NFL Twitter account. This lets you get all the latest news from the league all in one place.

5: R/MLBStreams

This is slightly different from most streaming sites you may have come across. MLBStreams is a subreddit found on Reddit. Users are able to post links to streams for the whole community to use. As the name suggests, this subreddit is strictly for Major League Baseball streams.

The main benefit of using this community to find your streams is that everyone is provided by fans similar to you, meaning they have been tested for their quality before you even see the link! Additionally, the social aspects of Reddit (being able to comment, upvote/downvote, and award) are all available, allowing you to have discussions with other fans while watching the games and even post streams you find for others to use if this feature is something that interests you.

The downside is that the streams are not built into the website, meaning you have to go to external sites that will vary in quality; the quality and quantity of streams available are all down to the fans using the website itself.

6: Batman-stream.tv

Another large free sports streaming site that is continually improved and refined. Batman-Stream has a huge amount of users and, through feedback, has continually improved its site. They offer a wide range of sports streams, including more “minor” sports than the majority of their competitors.

best free sports streaming sites
best free sports streaming sites

A feature that sets them apart from the rest is the quality of their search function. You are able to search for streams by league/team/player etc. and their service in this regard is one of the best I have ever used. It provides the results very quickly and they are always exactly what I was looking for; this is a must for a site with such a huge amount of different streams available.

The only minor downside to this service is that some of the pop-up ads can be overly intrusive but this is a minor issue on the grand scheme of things.

7: Cricfree.sc

Cricfree is another site focused on simplicity over flashy website design. It is simple, easy to use and straight to the point, perfect for those just looking for a stream without unwanted extra features clogging up the page.

Additionally, the site offers a chatroom feature. during big games, this can be quite active and the community of users that post in the chatroom regularly appear to be friendly and always welcome to some debate about the matches.

Unfortunately, I found the search function to sometimes not find the results I was looking for, which was a big disappointment.

This site will be quite polarising for some; you will either love or hate its simple, classic design.

8: Myp2p.tv

Another simple and to the point site. However, I found that although this free sports streaming site has a “classic” design similar to many other sites, it lacked the ease of use that comes with other sites. The size of the text and the overall layout can make searching for a stream more difficult than it needs to be.

The redeeming factor of this site is its loading times. I did not find another site that opened streams faster than Myp2p. This meant that once I did find what I was looking for, I was ready to go with no trouble.

This site definitely has potential and a redesign of the homepage would improve the site massively.

9: Facebook.com

Everyone has heard of Facebook. However, not everyone knows about the abundance of free streams available on the largest social media site. Facebook has a “watch” tab where you can easily search for any game your heart desires.

facebook sports streaming
watch sports online free

The benefit of using Facebook is due to the size of the website, it allows you to use all of the social features Facebook is well known for. Also, the layout and the general function of the website will be instantly familiar with the vast majority of people, making it very intuitive and easy to use.

The one downside is that it can sometimes take you longer than on other sites to find the stream you’re looking for, particularly if you’re looking for a smaller game.

10: Vipboxe.com

Simple to use but powerful free sports streaming site. The layout is easy to understand and the wide range of languages available makes it accessible for international users.

The vast majority of games are shown here with several different sources provided, giving you several options should one of the sources not work for you.

One downside of this site is that they regularly change their URL, meaning it can be difficult to find the site again should they change it. Usually searching for “VIP box” will find the site again for you but this is an extra effort that is not required with other, larger sites.

11: MamaHD.org

MamaHD should be your go-to site for the UEFA Champions League. For these games, I have noticed that this free streaming site offers the highest quality streams out of all of the websites listed. This alone sets the site ahead of many others if your interest is in the highest level of competitive soccer.

However, this free streaming site does come with its drawbacks. Firstly, you are unable to access the site if you run any adblocker plugins on your browser. This can be an issue for many users but not a deal-breaker. Another issue is that the chatroom appears to come across connection issues on occasion, particularly at busy times.

If the drawbacks listed do not present any problems for you personally, then MamaHD may be the site for you.

12: Stream2watch.ws

This sports streaming site offers one of the sleekest designs out there. The homepage is very minimalist, lacking the clutter sometimes found on other sites.

On opening the site, you are presented with a search bar. This can be used to find any stream you could possibly want. I have found that the site offers particularly good streams for the NFL and the NBA.

This site will not be to everyone’s tastes though. The lack of a schedule or lists of options may be an issue for those who do not have a particular game in mind when looking for a stream.

13: Sportlive365.net

This site, although available for international users, will be best used by Russian speaking users. The site can be translated into a wide range of languages but some of the text remains in Russian. This is not a huge issue as the important parts are all translated correctly but it can be distracting having information presented to you that you do not understand.

If this is not an issue for you then Sportlive365 is an amazing streaming site that can offer you a wide range of streams that are of very high quality.

14: Sportrar.tv

sports streaming sites
watch sports online free

Sportrar is the site for you if the sleek design and informative layout are important to you. This free sports streaming site presents its streams in clear categories based on the leagues or tournaments the games are a part of. This helps you to find streams faster and to see other related games much easier than the average site. They also allow you to select the particular league or tournament to see the current tables, showing all of the main statistics as well as recent forms for all the teams involved. The teams’ recent form being provided is a nice touch that is not seen on many other sites.

15: Rojadirecta.me

An amazing free soccer streaming site. The layout is crisp and very aesthetically pleasing. All streams that can be provided in high definition are available through this site. This site will be especially appealing to Spanish speaking users due to its Central American origins, meaning the site is designed with Spanish speaking users in mind.

Furthermore, their focus on one sport means that a larger amount of care has gone into making sure streams are of a high quality due to the smaller quantity available compared to the larger, broader sites.

One large issue with this site is that it cannot be accessed through some service providers due to legal issues surrounding copyright. If you are lucky enough to have access to this site however, you will not be disappointed.

16: Sportsurge.net

A smaller site that offers quality streams of college American football, something rarely seen on other sites. This gives Sportsurge an edge by providing these normally hard to find streams.

The layout of the website reflects its content: simple and to the point. A dark theme and simple animations give the site an easy to use and professional feel.

One issue I have found is that the site can be slow to load at busy times. This can be frustrating but it is worth the long wait to get the hard to find CFB streams.

17: R/ncaaBBallStreams

Another subreddit makes its way onto this list. This subreddit offers streams of NCAA Basketball games, games that are usually very difficult to find. Contributors to this subreddit are clearly passionate about college basketball and it is rare to find a stream that doesn’t work or is of low quality. Furthermore, you have access to all of the amazing social aspects of Reddit alongside all of the high-quality streams.

Finally, since it is part of Reddit, the site can easily be accessed on mobile devices, ideal for watching streams on the go.

18: Laola.tv

This free sports streaming site is the most “professional” feeling site on this list. Both the layout and how the website is presented give a feeling of genuine quality. This is backed up by the absolutely giant range of games available.

The site also boasts a huge library of videos of recent games, allowing you to catch up on how your team is doing or see the big game you forgot about!

The site comes with several advertisements, as expected, but they do offer premium membership to their site if this is something that appeals to you.

19: EurohockeyTV.org

This streaming site is dedicated to, as the name suggests, hockey.

The site offers a wide range of streams for all hockey games from even the smallest teams and leagues, both indoor and outdoor.

They also offer videos and highlights of previous games. This is especially important for this particular sport as it is neither widely broadcasted nor well advertised, meaning it is easy to miss games you may have wanted to watch at the time.

The downside to this site is that it is obviously very focused on this particular sport and hence is of little use if you are not interested in hockey.

20: Hotstar.com

This streaming site has an amazing range of streams on offer. The part that makes this site stand out is that it also offers free streams for Movies and TV shows, making Hotstar a one-stop site for all of your streaming needs.

sports streaming sites
watch sports online

Additionally, they also have an iOS and Android app, making streaming the biggest games even easier!

21: Streamwoop.live

This site offers a huge range of sports streams, including lesser-known sports. Their streams are presented in a schedule layout, allowing you to search through the streams based on a game’s start time. This helps if you are planning which games you may want to watch in the future.

One minor issue is that this layout is slightly more difficult to use than the majority of sites as the streams are not laid out as clearly as other sites. If you can work through this, the site offers you some amazing streams you will love!

22: Bosscast.net

This site offers streams in a slightly different format to most other sites. Bosscast offers streams of all the major sports channels, allowing you to watch channels such as ESPN for free. This means you get the highest quality streams for the biggest games. 

The layout of the site is easy to understand and lacks any distracting unnecessary features. The site also offers a chat feature filled with an active community that is polite and friendly.

The set up of the site means that games that are not shown on the large channels will not be available so this site is best used when you are looking to watch one of the premium channels without the extortionate prices. The drawback of this is that smaller games are not available; if this is what you are looking for, other sites would be better to use.

23: Youtube.com

Everyone has heard of this one but not many people know that there is a wide range of free streams available regularly. 

watch cartoon online website
best free streaming sports sites

Streams are shown live for a range of games. Large sites such as ITV, BT Sport, and ESPN sometimes offer streams for huge games for free and individual users stream the vast majority of games that the larger companies do not.

The main benefit of using Youtube is the familiarity that most people have with the site. Also, the size of the website means that the search feature is incredibly effective and allows you to search through a range of filters, making it one of the easiest sites to use.

The free streams themselves are of the best quality you can find online and it is rare that a game will not be available to watch somewhere on the site.

Additionally, Youtube’s subscribe function allows you to see the uploads of individuals who regularly post streams without even having to search! Over time, you can create a list of users who you know consistently upload nothing but the best streams available.

Finally, their mobile app is second to none, boasting all the benefits that come from being made by such a huge company.

24: Fromhot.com

Fromhot offers a free streaming service with a huge range of streams. The streams are presented to you in a clean interface. This site is ideal if you are looking for a free sports streaming site that does not bombard you with extra features like chatrooms. The site also offers several sources for their streams, meaning if one of the streams does not work, you can always try another source instead of having to find another site and start your search all over again.

However, the site can experience some slow load times, particularly at peak times like tournament finals. This is not a regular issue but is something to keep in mind. 

25: VIPleague

This streaming site is the best choice for those that view layout and design as an important feature. The layout is very clean and they even offer customization options for the design to tailor it to your tastes; a feature you won’t find on any other free sports streaming sites. This gives the site a personal feel that adds to the experience.

Despite the “VIP” in the name suggesting otherwise, the site has no fees to use. Additionally, the streams are of good quality and rarely experience any technical issues.

Overall the personal touch of this site sets it apart from the vast majority of other free sports streaming sites.

26: Firstrows.co

A copycat site of Firstrowsportz, Firstrows (or Feed2All as it is also known) offers the same classic design as the site that influenced it. However, I found that the range of streams available was not as large as the “average” site. This is offset by the relative lack of advertisements on the homepage.

One stand out feature of the site is the feature that allows you to set your local time, adjusting match start times to fit your local time. Although minor, this adds a small quality of life improvement for international users.

I would recommend using this site if you like the look and feel of Firstrowsportz but you are struggling to find streams there. A great “second choice” site.

27: Sonyliv.com

A free sports streaming site based in India, SonyLiv has a beautiful site layout and a huge range of free sports streams, one of the largest I have ever seen. This is all available without a compromise on quality; the free streams are usually available in high definition and rarely suffer from loading issues. 

sports streaming sites
watch sports online

This site is perfect for users in India and its neighboring countries. However, the site can be region locked if you are not using a VPN, meaning it can be difficult to access for users from the United States or the United Kingdom.

The region locking issues may make this site of little use to users from the countries mentioned but for users from other regions, this site will offer you some of the best streams available.

28: Sportlemons.net

This free sports streaming site offers a wide range of streams. The site appears to be more focused on the more “mainstream” sports, making their streams for rugby, baseball, basketball and soccer of the highest quality.

Free Sports Streaming Sites
best free sports streaming sites

One benefit I have noticed is that the site boasts some of the fastest loading times I have come across. The streams are also very stable; I very rarely noticed any drops in quality, lagging or complete breaks.

One downside for the site is that it does present itself with a very dated design; a redesign of the site is long overdue. If this does not bother you, then this site will be perfect for you!

29: Time4tv.stream

This sports streaming site has a beautiful layout that offers streams of premium sports channels. I found that the streams are very consistent; lagging, low quality, and frame drops are a very rare occurrence. 

The prices associated with watching channels like Sky Sports and ESPN are huge so sites such as Time4tv are a lifesaver, saving you hundreds in channel fees.

The only downside of this site is that they only offer streams of channels, not specific games. This means that if you are looking for a particular game, it is unlikely to be available unless a big channel is showing it at the time. It also means you are unable to watch games you may have missed or caught any highlights of older games. This makes the site great for big games but less useful for smaller games.

30: Acestreamchannel.blogspot.com

This free sports streaming site will appeal to those who are not looking for fancy layouts, chatrooms, social media feeds, or schedules and just want links to high-quality streams; nothing else.

This site offers streams of premium sports channels such as ESPN in the highest quality available. They offer the widest range of channels I have seen on any sports streaming sites.

This Free Sports Streaming Sites will appeal to those looking for a simple site but may not be to the tastes of those looking for additional features. 

Hopefully, you have found a free sports streaming site on this list that appeals to you and suits your needs. There is a myriad of sites available that come in many different formats; you should now know exactly what’s offered by the best sites out there. Whatever your favorite sport steam, you can now enjoy the best games without the huge price tag associated with it. Enjoy the next big game!

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