7 Best Free Music Making Apps For Windows

There are various free music-making apps for Windows; however, choosing which is the best app for you can be overwhelming if you are a beginner. No matter the kind of music you want to make, it’s time to stop running away from your dreams as these apps let you create music from your comfort zone without spending hundreds of dollars. 

To make your decision effortless, we have curated a list of the top 7 best free music-making apps for Windows that will serve the best experience with its pro features and interface without ripping out your pockets. 

Tune in until the end to find the best music-making app that fits your needs. Here is how you can download GarageBand for Windows 10.

7 Best Free Music Making Apps For Windows 

1. Audacity

Audacity is the best free music-making app for windows that helps you edit your audio tracks. The app is versatile and comes with an intuitive interface. With Audacity, you can make top-notch songs without spending dollars. This is by far the best alternative to GarageBand (for Windows). Audacity is an all-rounder tool compatible with all the operating systems such as Mac, Windows, or Linux. With Audacity, you can record live or in a studio mode. Additionally, audacity lets you record your music in any format and comes with an exception export/import feature. Furthermore, it enables you to add sound effects, effortless cut, copy, or paste, and adjust the tracks’ volume. Overall, Audacity is the best free music app for beginners and professionals. 

2. Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a lifesaver for beginners. This advanced drum machine is an excellent app for users looking forward to creating or edit heavy-beat music such as hip-hop, bass, or other. Hydrogen is packed with all the essential features and lets you make music of any genre for free and from your comfort zone. The app is perfect for a professional who needs to explore their creativity and beginners, thanks to its intuitive and sleek interface. The main highlight of Hydrogen is its top-tier mixer features. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the new pro-tab-tempo and playlists with embedded scripting. Moreover, it helps you save time by letting you play multiple patterns at once. 

3. T7 Daw

The Daw is the basic and the core of every music-making software, and T7 Daw is the best free music app that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. T7 Daw is developed by the tracktion corporation and is packed with all the essential features that you need to create perfect music of any genre. The app is powerful for recording and mixing any kind of music. T7 Daw comes with its built-in effects with the audio mixer and the advanced features, including track analysis. Additionally, T7 Daw comes with unlimited audio and MIDI features and can host various plugin formats, including VST. Overall, T7 Daw is the best free music production app. 

4. Ardour

Ardour is a professional music-making app for Windows that makes recording, cutting, mixing, and editing audio tracks exceptionally easy. The app comes with various tools and plugins to boost your music production game from bottom to top for free. You can undo or redo your tracks as much as you want till you get the final masterpiece. Ardour comes with mind-blowing features that let you trim, cut, copy, snapshot, align, drag, drop, etc. Moreover, Ardour does not limit you on the number of tracks and sends plugins and buses. With its incredible and powerful signal routing and editing, and mixing tools, you can also create soundtracks for movies, and much more. 

5. Studio One Prime

If you are a singer or song-writer and looking for the best music app that comes with incredible recording features, Studio OnePrime is the best bet. However, you can also perform necessary audio mixing with the app. Studio One Prime comes with some of the in-built sound effects such as chorus, EQ and compression, reverb, channel strip, and delay effects. Additionally, it also comes with guitar effects. It is hands-down one of the best app that comes with high-quality sound effects. Although the free application contains plenty of features, you can upgrade to its premium version if you need to access some of the advanced features.


With LMMS, making beats has never been easier. This free app lets you produce and create music of your choice by creating premium beats and melodies. It is one of the best tools for electronic dance music and is truly feature-rich. It is exceptionally intuitive and easy to use. Furthermore, it lets you import Hydrogen files and MIDI files. LMMS comes with some pro features such as a bass-enhancer, built-in compressor, EQ, reverb, distortion, etc. Moreover, LMMS is an incredible free platform that lets you mix, comprise, sequence, and automate music in one interface without placing any restrictions. So, if you are looking forward to making beats like never before, LMMS is the top pick. 

Darkwave studio

Darkwave Studio is one of the best music-making apps explicitly designed for Windows users and is packed with plenty of pro features. If you have been making music for a while, Darkwave Studio will amaze you with its features and make you doubt that the app is even free. However, if you are a beginner, the interface might be overwhelming for you, but once you get into the app, it gets easier. With Darkwave Studio, you can enjoy some cool features such as virtual studio, sequence editor, multitrack harddisk recorder, virtual studio, etc. Darkwave Studio lets you stream your audio live, making it stand out from the other music-making app on our list. 


With plenty of free music-making apps for Windows available in the market, these were our top picks that come with truckloads of features and boost your music-making from the comfort of your home. 

If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with Audacity or Hydrogen. Similarly, if you have a little bit of experience, we would suggest picking Darkwave Studio, as it comes with the best-advanced features that will help you make music the way you need. 

So, pick the app that caters to your needs and download it without letting the hurdle of money stop you from getting closer to your success.

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