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Final Cut Pro is a high-performance video editor created specifically for Apple’s Mac OS. It can effortlessly manage huge loads. It has the best rendering speed to help you speed up your workflow. You can get the latest Final Cut Pro features by downloading and installing the free version on your Mac.

It is not a basic video editor; rather, it is a powerful technology used in filmmaking and post-production. You can edit audio, Motion graphics, Color grading, and Motion tracking in real-time. If you are working on high-end projects and need the best video editor for 4K and 8K videos, you can easily manage it. Final Cut Pro works extremely well with high-resolution footage.

In this article, we’ll go through how you can get Final Cut Pro for free full version. If you use Windows, Final Cut Pro will disappoint you because the developer has not yet published it for the Windows operating system. Only the MacBook and iMac are supported by the video editor. You can’t even use it on your iPhone or iPad. However, by following a few simple techniques, you will be able to experiment with creative editing.

One of the best features of this video editor is that it can be run on Apple’s new Silicon M1 CPU. It also supplies you with a mind-blowing performance with that processor. Magnetic timeline, Intuitive design, easy to use keyboard shortcuts are simple to utilize and can help you improve your work?

As you know, Final Cut Pro is an expensive video editor that will cost you around $300 if you buy it, but in this post, we will download it entirely free and you will not miss any features at all, so keep reading.

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Feature of FCPX

Advanced colour  grading

Final Cut Pro comes with a professional colour grading feature it lets you colour correction and a variety of formats, you can use Colour Curves, Colour wheels shades to adjust colour,  master, shadow midtones, Temperature. LUTs and Presets.

Works with High-end Cameras

It can handle 8K Red Raw footage, and you can also import an 8K Canon cinema RAW clip. No matter what equipment you are using to shoot your videos Go Pro, Insta360, or other, it is capable to handle.

Motion Graphics

When it comes to 2D and 3D editing Final Cut Pro come first, even support 360 titles, fluid transitions and effects. It provide you seamlessly experience when you edit on Apple Silicon Chip. The editor will not compromise with performance.

360 Video Support

If you have a 360 Camera and looking for an advanced video editor that can handle 4K and 8K 360 footage then, Final Cut Pro is an appropriate choice. It has real-time visualization for a VR headset. It’s time to create 360 content for the user. Adjust tilt, pan, and roll, change their looks, position.

How to download and install Final Cut Pro on Mac OS

If you want to access Final Cut Pro X on your Mac Machine then follow below steps.

Step 1: Download Final Cut Pro Installer

To install it, you need to download the file in dmg format, scroll down and click on the download button to save it into your Mac. The file size is 2.94GB so make sure you have data to spend.

Download Final Cut Pro Installer

Step 2: Run Setup file

When you finish downloading, it’s time to start the installation, run the installer file from your Mac then it will open another package (FinalCutPro.pkg) so double-click on that to start installing. After that, you will see an installation interface click on the “Continue” button.

Run Setup file

Here it will ask you to accept the software license agreement and select language, click on “Continue” then “Agree“. You will be guided through the steps necessary to install this software.

Step 3: Select Destination

Now you have to select installation Drive, in the below image you can see we have two drive to select, I suggest you select that one which has enough free space to install it. Select then “Continue“. Installing this software requires 3.74GB of space. Then click on the “Install” button.

Select Destination

It will ask you for the password, enter it then install the software. It will start preparing to install, it can take few minutes to install so wait until it completes. You will get an installation successful message.

Select Destination

Step 4: Launch Final Cut Pro

When you finish installation, it will add a shortcut icon on your Launchpad, you can run it from there. Now you can experience the video editor on your Mac without paying a single penny.

Launch Final Cut Pro

Download Final Cut Pro Free

When you upgrade from iMovie to Final Cut Pro, you get a host of new tools and features. All these new tools and features are very useful, but some are more so than others. The ability to add a mask to your video clip is one of the most useful features you don’t normally get in the free software. 

ProcessorIntel, M1 Silicon Chip
RAM4GB of RAM (8GB For better performance 4K, 8K)
GPUMetal-capable graphics card
OSmacOS 10.15.6 or later
Free3.8GB of available disk space
Setup Size2.94GB
Launch Final Cut Pro

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What is a mask and how does it do?

Adding a mask to a video clip adds an area of transparency to part of the image. When there’s no clip layered below the mask, this area will show up as black. When there is a clip or an image under the masked clip, that clip will be visible through the transparent part of the mask. This can be used for layering clips, highlighting parts of the video, adding effects to only specific parts of the image, and so on. 

Does Final Cut Pro offers a trial?

Final Cut Pro allows you 90 days free trial to test the video editor, you can download it from the official site to experience it. When you confident go for a subscription, it will charge you $299.99 for a year. If you are a beginner go for a trial version to learn to edit.

Can you Download Final Cut Pro for Windows?

Final Cut Pro especially designed for Apple Computers, cannot be supported by other operating systems like Microsoft Windows. There is a number of video editor available in the market that provides you feature like FCPX, so you can use them. Don’t waste your time searching Final Cut Pro for Windows.

How to use masking in Final Cut Pro?

Lets take a look at the shape mask. A shape mask allows you to quickly create a mask in any shape from an ellipse to a rectangle. 

  • To apply a shape mask to your clip open the effects browser and scroll down to the masks category. 
  • Select the Shape Mask, and drag and drop it over your clip. 
  • The area inside the mask remains the same, and everything outside the mask becomes transparent.
  •  Because there are no clips under our timeline clip, this area appears as black. 
  • If we were to add a clip underneath, that clip would show through in the areas outside our mask. 
  • Let press Command Z to undo that. 
  • When you apply the shape mask, its on-screen controls appear in the viewer, and the adjustment parameters appear in the effects section of the inspector. 
  • You can use either the on-screen controls or the adjustment parameters in the inspector to adjust the shape of your mask as needed. 
  • Let’s take a look at adjusting the mask using the on-screen controls. 
  • To reposition your mask, click and drag the white circle inside the mask. 
  • Click and drag the green handle connected to the white circle to rotate your mask. 
  • The four green dots on the sides of the mask are used to adjust the shape’s width or height. 
  • Clicking and dragging these will adjust the shapes of opposite sides. 
  • You can also hold down the option key while dragging to adjust one side only, or, if you hold down the Shift key while dragging, all four sides will be adjusted proportionately. 
  • To adjust the curvature of the mask, click and drag the white control handle in the top left corner
  • Dragging it to one extreme will give you a perfect rectangle while dragging it to the opposite extreme will give you an oval, or a perfect circle. 
  • To control the edge softness, click and drag the outer circle
  • Dragging the outer circle close to the inner circle will give you a hard edge while dragging the outer circle away from the inner circle will soften the edge, and give you a more gradual transition. 
  • All these controls are also available in the inspector, along with a couple of additional controls. 
  • Selecting the Invert Mask checkbox will reverse your mask, making the inside transparent.
  • Also, clicking the convert to points button will convert your mask shape to control points.

So, now that we know how to apply a mask, and how to make all the adjustments.

How we can use a shape mask to highlight the subject in the clip 

First thing we need to do is duplicate our clip.

  • Hold down the option key and drag up the clip to make a copy of it. 
  • Next, apply the shape mask, and resize it to fit the subject in the clip. 
  • Select the bottom clip, and in the color correction section of the inspector, bring down the global saturation, bring down the highlight exposure and bump up the shadows, just to flatten out the image a little.
  • Next, select the top clip again, and bring up the global saturation a bit, to make our subject pop. 

This was just a simple guide of how to use a mask in Final Cut Pro. 

Final Cut Pro is a convenient tool that can enhance the quality of the video. If you are using iMovie then you can import your project into FCPX without losing an element. Support powerful encoding for HDR, HEVC, 360 videos, and MXF. You can effortlessly integrate with Motion and Compressor. Now it’s available to add Custom LUT in a variety of formats, .cube, .mga, and .m3d.

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We hope you have installed Final Cut Pro on your MacBook or iMac yet. If you find any error while installing, leave a comment below.

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