How to Send Free Fax Online without a Fax Machine (Working Method)

Send Free Fax Online without a Fax Machine

Fax has been a reliable source of sharing data among larger firms. Privacy and security have been major concerns for exchanging data using any communication medium. A few years ago, the fax was the only trustworthy source for sharing data so that no one has access to sensitive information when it is being transmitted.  

Even after many years of the origin of the fax machine, some old-technology lovers are still using it. No one wants to compromise data privacy at any cost. Yet, the compact ways of transferring data from one place to another had a great impact on the fax as well. People are more inclined towards compact and easier ways of sharing information rather than managing hardware tools.

Fax machines are vanishing from the workspace and personal working desks due to the globally improving technology. No one wants to carry a bulky fax machine and keep them turned all round the clock just to transfer a sheet of paper. However, you can enjoy the advantages of fax without even investing in a fax machine.

Is Fax possible without Fax Machine?

Yes, it is the simplest answer to this question. Modern technologies don’t only work with the latest systems and devices, but they have also incorporated the later ones so that people find ease in switching from one platform to another.

Faxing without a fax machine can be as effortless and instantaneous as sending and receiving messages/emails from handheld devices. With the alternatives we’re about to suggest to the traditional fax machine, you’ll be able to send and receive faxes from your phone or PC.

Online fax service providers are the best replacements for fax machines. The digital devices and analog signals based fax machines cannot interact with each other by default. Internet fax service providers act as a translator so that sending and receiving fax is achievable with modern devices. You can receive fax as email using a couple of steps.

CocoFax, Online Free Fax service provider

CocoFax is one of the most recognized GoogleFaxFree services. Many international channels such as Forbes, CNET, Life Wire, New York Times, and PCMag suggest it for online faxing.CocoFax is a well-reputed internet fax service provider as it has been used by millions of users worldwide.

Online fax service providers

CocoFax accepts digital files and sends them to receiver fax machines by converting it into a fax document. It also translated incoming fax documents into a digital format so that modern communication devices can open them in a readable format.

Not only this but you can send and receive hundred fax documents using subscription packages of CocoFax. It is the most reputable online fax service provider which you always wished to have for exchanging free fax over the internet.

Online fax service

Transfer fax documents online without Fax Machine

CocoFax is a smart solution to online fax.  Go through this CocoFax guide to know more about how to send a fax without a fax machine. You can get relieved from maintaining fax machines, arranging papers and getting the toners refilled. After the introduction of CocoFax, these hassles are no more.

You can use CocoFax from any smartphone or computer that’s connected to the internet. Of course, you’ll also need a fax number where incoming faxes can be sent to you. If you don’t have one, you can get it free when signing up for CocoFax.

how to online fax

Online Fax via CocoFax

If you are worried about how to use CocoFax even without any technical knowledge? Well, you would be happy to hear that CocoFax is not complicated at all. The intuitive graphical interface of CocoFax makes it easy to use even for beginners.

how to online fax

CocoFax offers many convenient ways to send and receive fax online including

  • The web-based solution of CocoFax
  • Email-to-Fax solution by CocoFax
  • CocoFax applications for Android and iOS
  • Direct Fax from Google Drive or Dropbox suing CocoFax

Send Fax via CocoFax without Fax Machine

The web-based and email-to-fax services of CocoFax are preferred solutions for online faxing by many users. You don’t have to install any software so there is no need for specifying storage space for it.

email-to-fax services

Step 1: Login/Signup with CocoFax

If you are using CocoFax for the first time, register your CocoFax account by filling the online form with a valid email address. Afterward, you can use your login credentials to open CocoFax dashboard and explore it.

fax services

CocoFax offers a free trial for 30 days so that you can assess its services and subscribe to a package later on. You can also get a free fax number which will be selected from the list of available numbers.

Step 2: Open Email/CocoFax dashboard 

To send a fax from CocoFax dashboard, open the official website of CocoFax using any web browser and log in to your account. Click on new fax and start typing the information you want to end as a fax document. You can also attach images and other files to send as a fax.

how to fax online without machine

CocoFax also provides the facility to send fax documents using your email account. Open the email using any email client. You can also access your email account for fax via an Android device or Smartphone. Create a new email and attach documents in pdf, png, doc, jpg, and xls format.

Step 3: Enter details

To send fax documents online, you should make sure that all the mandatory fields are filled up accordingly. Entering the receiver fax number is a little bit different from casual emails. Add at the end of recipient’s fax number as 

You can also add a cover page of the fax document by typing in the email body area. For providing additional notes or titles of the fax, enter the relevant information in the Subject field.

how to fax online without machine

Step 4: Send Fax

Clicking on the Send button will dispatch the fax document. This document was first received by CocoFax servers to convert it into a Tiff file format because the modern formats are not supported by fax machines.

Sending fax online with CocoFax rings the receiver fax machine even if the number is local or international. These documents are printed as a fax document so that the recipient can read them easily.

fax online without machine

When the fax is delivered to the specified number, CocoFax sends a confirmation message to your dashboard. Even if the transmission fails, you will receive an alert for unsent messages so that you can check for possible errors and resend them.

Receive Fax via CocoFax without Fax Machine

Once you register with CocoFax, receiving a fax is an entirely automated process. There are no more procedures to follow. Moreover, you don’t need a fax machine when using CocoFax. All the fax documents sent to your fax number will appear as messages in the CocoFax dashboard which you can access anywhere, anytime.

CocoFax without Fax Machine

CocoFax also sends fax documents to your email address. Open the email inbox and all received faxes will appear there along with the sender details and timestamps of received faxes. The fax documents are usually attached as a pdf file with emails. You will receive faxes even if you are not connected to the internet.

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Fax has become simpler and easier when you get used to CocoFax online fax solution. You don’t have to buy a fax machine or purchase any software. With the free trial and fax number of CocoFax, you get the ease of free faxing which leads to economical packages.

Moreover, you can use any device to send and receive a fax on the go. CocoFax could be used for Android smartphones, iOS devices, and laptops as well.  CocoFax offers you a portable fax machine as it is not a platforming dependent application. Hope you find it useful if you still can’t Send Free Fax Online without a Fax Machine, comment down below, we will fix the error.

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