Facebook Reverse Image Search to Find Images

Find Billions of images by using Facebook Reverse Image Search, Search Facebook with an image instead of text paste URL or ID.

facebook reverse image search

Every second, the surface of the internet is flooded with huge amounts of data. Among the factors that cause these data floods, social media platforms such as Facebook are quite prominent.

The reason for their significant role in data generation is that most of the internet users tend to use social media platforms such as Facebook to share their content, whether for the public or exclusive exhibit, in the form of text messages, images, audio, and videos.

Each new content being created tends to pile up upon the old one. But there are times when you have a need to search for something old among this data pile. While the search facility on your Facebook account brings satisfactory results in the case of finding text-based data, what ways do you resort to in case you need to carry a search that involves finding images and photos?

This brings us to the idea of using a technique known as Facebook reverse image search.

Why use Facebook reverse image search?

Before we dive any further into our main topic, it is mandatory to discuss some of the instances where using Facebook reverse image search can be extensively helpful.

The first instance is Facebook itself. Whereas Facebook is a place to connect with friends and family, it is sometimes almost impossible to find some people by searching through their names and contact details. In such cases, Facebook reverse image search methods can be used to find such people with the help of image search.

Second, intellectual data theft is a common issue equally faced by famous and ordinary people on the internet. Facebook reverse image search in cases related to data copyright and breach can benefit both the data originator and its prospective user.

For data originators, Facebook reverse image search can carry an image search to find images protected by copyright but used without permission in third party ads, etc.

For prospective users of images, they can track the owner and ask for their legal permission to allow the use of their content.

What is Facebook Reverse Image Search?

While from the above mentioned two cases, the concept of Facebook reverse image search should be clear to some extent, let us finally explain to our readers its technical aspects.

In simple words, Facebook reverse image search uses techniques to help internet users find related images or the owner of the image itself.

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How does Facebook reverse image search work to search for images on Facebook?

While none of the technique used is officially endorsed by Facebook, nor does the current search feature of Facebook offers image search, the two most commonly used techniques labeled as Facebook reverse image search uses either a third party search engine support i.e Google search or is a method developed by internet geeks by altering already available Facebook URL.

Method #1

The first method depends upon using the numerical id that Facebook originally assigns to each individual that is uploaded on its platform.

Whether the image is online or is saved on your device with the original Facebook numeric id, you are good to get started by using the following three simple and easy steps.

Step 1. Extract the numeric id from the file name of the image through either opening an online image in the new tab and checking for ‘FB’  in its URL to confirm it is from some Facebook profile or trying to rename the file name of an image on your device.

Step 2. In either case after extracting the Facebook numeric id, type in the URL ‘https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=EXTRACTED_NUMERIC_ID’ and press enter.

Step 3. If the numeric id is valid, it will certainly take you to some Facebook profile that posted that image.

Method #2

The second method consists of the following three simple and easy steps.

Step 1. Open Google search and either upload the image in the search bar or paste the URL of the image for direct retrieval.

Facebook Reverse Image Search to Find Images

Step 2. You can also right-click on any image in your browser tab and click the option of ‘Search Google for image’.

facebook reverse image search

Step 3. All these methods will bring you search results with similar images.

Step 4. To narrow down your search results from Facebook only, either select ‘Facebook’ as image source from the settings option on Google search or erase any already written text in the search field and type in ‘site:facebook.com’ and press enter.

Facebook Reverse Image Search to Find Images

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Other ways to do a Facebook reverse image search to find images

If none of the two ways above work for you, then perhaps you should search on the internet for other ways to do a Facebook reverse image search.

While there are quite a few other ways that you will come across, one of the most popular and specialized tools for Facebook reverse image search is ‘TinEye’. Aside from bringing Facebook results, TinEye also displays results for similar images found on Flickr, Amazon, and Twitter.

Hope you find it helpful today if you have any questions about Facebook Reverse Image Search to Find Images then feel free to inquire in the comment section, we’re sure to help.

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