Ever Wonder What Makes The Best Holster?

Over my years of carrying concealed, I’ve learned that the true art of concealment lies not just in the choice of what you carry, but predominantly in the holster that accompanies it.


Let me assure you that over the last 2 decades, I’ve encountered a range of styles and brands, each teaching me something about what it takes to make a holster not just good, but great. On the other hand, I’ve also learnt the ugly and I can tell you there’s a couple of holster brands I stay away from as far as I can.

However, let’s make this mostly positive. My pursuit for the ideal holster has led me to understand key features that define excellence in holster design. And as I’m not one to keep everything to myself, let me show you what my holster standards are.

Quality Materials: The Backbone of Durability

The choice of materials in a holster is paramount. I’ve experimented with various materials, from synthetics to premium leathers, and each has its merits. A superior holster material balances durability with comfort, ensuring that it doesn’t degrade with daily wear while also being gentle against the skin. When it comes to materials, I’ve learned two important things: 1) if you’re after practicality and maximum retention, then kydex holsters (hard plastic) are a way to go; 2) if you want a durable yet fashionable holster offering perfect fit, leather holsters are your best choice.

Craftsmanship: Precision and Attention to Detail

A well-crafted holster speaks volumes about its reliability. The stitching, cut, and finish should be precise, reflecting attention to detail. In my experience, a holster that’s crafted with care not only lasts longer but also provides a level of confidence in its use.

Fit and Retention: Ensuring Security and Ease of Access

The fit of a holster must be tailored to its contents. A good holster holds securely, ensuring no unintended movement, yet allows for quick and easy access when needed. Retention shouldn’t be so tight that it hampers accessibility, nor so loose that it compromises security.

Comfort: The Make-or-Break Factor

Perhaps the most critical aspect, and often the hardest to get right, is comfort. A great holster should be comfortable for extended periods, not causing irritation or inconvenience. It should conform to your body, making its presence known for security but not discomfort.

Concealability: The Art of Being Unseen

For concealed carry, how well a holster blends with your attire is crucial. It should sit flush against the body, not bulking out or altering the outline of your clothing. This subtle integration is key for effective concealment.

A Personal Discovery: Finding the Right Match

Recently, in my quest for the perfect holster, I discovered a Glock 43x holster at Craft Holsters that encompasses all these essential qualities. It reminded me that the search for a good holster is about finding a balance of these crucial elements. While I hadn’t heard of the brand before, I decided to give them a try and I most certainly have no regrets.

In summary, an exceptional concealed carry holster is defined by the quality of its materials, the finesse in its craftsmanship, the precision of fit and retention, the comfort it offers, and its ability to be discreet. Whether you are new to concealed carry or an experienced practitioner, understanding these aspects can guide you in choosing a holster that meets your needs and enhances your daily carry experience.

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