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If you want to revisit your favorite Xbox games, but you can’t find your console, you don’t have to waste money on a new Xbox when it is so much easier to download an emulator. Programs like Dxbx are free, so you don’t lose anything by experimenting with them.

What is Dxbx?

Dxbx is an Xbox emulator. The developers used the same source code behind CXBX to make this emulator. CXBX is an Xbox emulator as well. Dxbx mirrors CXBX in the sense that it also converts Xbox files into executable files. 

The emulator, which was written in Delphi, came out in 2010. CXBX is a relatively obscure emulator, yet Dxbx has even less visibility than CXBX. The developers behind the software made some decent progress when they started.


Their emulator could play a few Xbox games and various demos. But this project fizzled out soon after. The emulator’s primary developers couldn’t complete their work on Dxbx because the application required more hours than they could afford to devote to the project.

Once they left, the project died. Some people are holding out hope that other programmers will step up to finish and refine Dxbx. But that hasn’t yet happened. 

Features of Dxbx

  • Written in Delphi
  • It has its own Kernel
  • It emulates controllers, sound, and graphics
  • Toolchain for Xbox executables
  • Library and symbol pattern files
  • It runs various gaming intros and SDK samples
  • Emulates Xbox pixel shaders
  • Uses Direct3D8 for graphics
  • Available in English

How To Install Dxbx?

Step 1. Check your computer to determine whether it meets the minimum requirements, including 256MB of memory, Intel Pentium 3 700MHz, and NVIDIA GeForce 3/Ti or ATI Radeon 8500.

Step 2. Download Dxbx from a secure website

Step 3. Extract the Dxbx exe file from the compressed folder you downloaded

Step 4. Run the Dxbx exe file as an administrator

Download Dxbx

How To Use Dxbx?

Dxbx is not a sophisticated emulator. It doesn’t have much in the way of advanced features and functions. In fact, it works just like any other emulator. It has more in common with older, simplistic programs than newer applications.

As such, you load games by going to ‘File’ and ‘Load.’ The user interface is intuitive. Beginners don’t need any help figuring things out. If you load the game and it works, you can start gaming immediately. 

Unfortunately, the list of games that Dxbx can run is small. You have to experiment with different titles until you find one that works. Because development on the project stopped several years ago, if you encounter a problem, you cannot rely on the original developers to solve it.

Fortunately, the internet has plenty of forums that offer assistance to people whose emulators have stopped working. One of those forums may provide a solution for your problem.


If you’re new to emulators, Dxbx is not the Xbox emulator for you. Look for a modern program with a more extensive collection of games. Dxbx typically attracts gaming experts that understand emulators. They can tweak this program if it malfunctions. It has nothing to offer to newcomers. 

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