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The Nintendo DS came out in 2004 and it made quite a few waves because of the dual-screen feature. Today, people are still playing NDS games. But these days, they use emulators like DuoS. Emulators are more convenient than the handheld console because you can use them to play NDS games on your computer.

What is DuoS?

DuoS is an NDS emulator. It was created by a developer called Roor. He analyzed documentation from programs like N0$GBA and DeSuME, using the information to gain a better understanding of the workings of the NDS. 

He used that insight to create DuoS, an NDS emulator known for its speed and accuracy. Written in C++, the development on the program was somewhat spotty. It kept starting and stopping.

DuoS Emulator

The developer admitted that he couldn’t focus on DuoS because he was juggling so many jobs. He used his blog to keep his followers apprised of his progress. Through his blog posts, he found that the interest in his emulator was quite strong, which is why he wasn’t so quick to abandon it despite his busy schedule.

DuoS stand out because it is a lightweight emulator that doesn’t consume that many resources, which is why it can run on lower-end PCs. Even if your computer has speed and lagging issues, you can use DuoS to play NDS games.

The emulator can run most of the commercial NDS games. The first few iterations of the program were quite plain. In fact, some people criticized DuoS for being too bland and generic. This was somewhat intentional.

Roor, the developer, was determined to make his emulator as efficient as possible. He neglected many of the additional functions you find in modern emulators such as keyboard configuration features because he thought they were unnecessary.

Over time, as complaints from users grew, he took steps to give DuoS a few more features, including the ability to change the controls. Today, the emulator is a little more sophisticated. Though, it still lacks many advanced features. Roor expects other developers to add those features down the line if people still want them.

DuoS Features

  • Save States
  • Full-Screen Resolution
  • Great Sound Quality
  • GPU Acceleration
  • Written in C++

How To Install DuoS?

DuoS is not a complicated application. To use it, download the emulator from a secure source and run the installer. The installer will do the rest.

Download DuoS

  • Size: 387KB
  • Date: Sep, 19. 2012
  • License: Freeware
  • Platform: Windows

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How To Use DuoS?

You don’t have to worry about navigating the program’s functions. As was noted above, it is a very simple application that doesn’t have any advanced features. All you have to do to use the application is to open the menu and load a ROM file.

Besides saving your progress and changing the controls, you don’t have much in the way of settings that need tweaking.


DuoS is the perfect emulator for beginners. It doesn’t have advanced features. Once you download and install the application, you can start gaming immediately by loading your ROM files. The program is as simple as they come.

For experienced gamers, this is a problem. They have criticized the emulator for being too bland. But beginners won’t care. 

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