DS4 Download for Windows 10/11 (32/64Bit)

Are you a PC gamer? You probably use a PlayStation controller because it gives you more flexibility. But have you ever stopped to wonder how a PS4 controller works on a computer?

DS4Windows is to blame. The program allows you to connect, manage and configure external controllers. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call DS4 an Xbox emulator

Initially, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller was unrivaled. You couldn’t find a better controller on the market. The controller stood out because it could connect to computers and consoles via Bluetooth. 

But then Sony came along and supplanted them by introducing the Dual Shock controller. Today, PlayStation’s controller is the preferred tool for most gamers. 

Ds4 windows

However, you can’t connect a DualShock controller to a PC if you don’t have DS4Windows. It has a simple interface that allows consumers to configure the buttons with relative ease regardless of their technical experience. These are the features you can expect to encounter:

1). You can adjust the controls

2). You can use Xbox and PS controllers to play games that don’t support those devices

3). Emulate KB+M actions

4). The application performs automatic downloads and updates

5). You can track the operations of the sticks and Sixaxis

6). You can switch between different profiles quickly and easily

DS4 Download for Windows 10/11

Operating SystemWindows
Developed byJays2Kings / Ryochan7

DS4 (32/64Bit)

DS4Windows_3.1.0_x64.7z2.09 MB
DS4Windows_3.1.0_x64.zip3.15 MB
DS4Windows_3.1.0_x86.7z2.08 MB

How To Install DS4 on Windows?

Does your computer meet the minimum requirements? For the best results, you need Windows 10, ViGemBus Driver, Microsoft .NET 4.8, Microsoft 360 Driver, and Visual Redistributable (2015-2019).

You may find that some of these elements are already present on your computer, especially the drivers. You have to download others. If your computer meets these requirements, follow these steps to install DS4Windows:

1. Download DS4Windows

2. Extract the zip file

3. Launch DS4Windows

4. Install the drivers

5. Connect your controller via USB or Bluetooth

The emulator is not particularly challenging. It is also safe. Microsoft wouldn’t allow consumers to use DS4Windows if it was dangerous. However, like every application, criminals can infect DS4Windows with adware and malware.

For that reason, you should pay close attention to the source of the emulator. Stick with the official site. You run the risk of contracting a virus by using other platforms. 

Make sure you prioritize the files you downloaded from a secure site. Avoid emulators that came on a thumb drive. Hackers can modify programs of this sort to create pathways into your system. 

The last thing you want is to leave your computer in a vulnerable state. The developers will continue to provide DS4Windows updates. However, that doesn’t make this emulator invulnerable. Ultimately, you have to proceed cautiously. 

How to fix not working DS4

But what if DS4Windows stops working? You can try disconnecting and reconnecting the PS4 controller. This might solve the problem if DS4Windows had refused to recognize the controller.

If the errors persist, try uninstalling the emulator. Go to the Control Panel and find the ‘Uninstall A Program’ option. Select DS4Windows and click ‘Uninstall.’ Reinstall the emulator and test it. 

This solution shouldn’t be your first step. You should only uninstall the emulator after trying the following:

1). Is the DS4 controller enabled? Go to device manager in the control panel and find ‘Human Interface Devices.’ Right-click ‘HID Compliant Game Controller’ and enable it. 

Connect the controller and test it. Does it work? If it doesn’t, you can try the next solution.

2). Did you update the software? DS4Windows may stop working because the emulator is out of date. Or it may work, but it won’t detect the controller. 

To solve this issue, open DS4Updater, and scan for available updates. If the program finds updates, download and install them. Check the controller again. Does it work?

3). If the steps above fail, you can uninstall the DS4Controller. The goal is to eliminate the errors by reinstalling the program. 

Interestingly enough, some errors are caused by new updates. When did the emulator start malfunctioning? Did you notice the glitches after performing an update?

The update is the culprit. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Roll back the updates. Uninstall them. You may have to experiment with different solutions to fix the issue.

For instance, things may get worse in some cases because you uninstalled previous updates. In others, the program may stop working because you installed the updates. 

Keep playing with different solutions until you find an option that works. 


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