How to Download YouTube app for MacBook M1, M2

Are you looking to download and install the official YouTube app for MacBook or Mac? We tested numerous techniques and discovered some that work, so you can easily download the YouTube app on your latest Apple’s Mac, even if they are Intel Mac or Apple silicon chips. This strategy will work with both processors.

YouTube’s popularity stems from the fact that it is simple to use. To watch or upload videos, you do not need any additional equipment or software. You only need an Internet connection and a computer or mobile device to get started. YouTube is also compatible with a wide range of devices, so you can watch videos on your TV, phone, or tablet. So, what are your thoughts? Is YouTube worthwhile? Please let us know in the comments!

The YouTube application is not officially available for download for Mac, and if you search in the Mac App Store, you will find that there is no app to download, which means you cannot download it officially, but there are workarounds.

Let’s get started. In this article, we’ll show you two ways to install the YouTube app on a MacBook.

Method 1. Run YouTube using Web App feature

This is one of the best methods to install Youtube on your Macbook, it only requires you to download Google Chrome browser in case you don’t have one, As you may be aware, Google Chrome allows users to install website apps on their desktop or laptop, and you can use this feature to add YouTube to your Mac.

  • Run the Google Chrome browser
  • Visit 
  • It enables you to Install button at the right of the URL
  • Click on Installing button
  • It will automatically add the Youtube app on the launchpad and no need to install any software.

Now you can access YouTube without opening YouTube’s website, it is added to your launchpad like any other installed app. But what if you want to uninstall it? Here is how you can.

Uninstall YouTube from Launchpad

If you no longer want to use YouTube, you can uninstall it.

  • Go to Google Chome
  • Type in URL box chrome://apps
  • Look for YouTube
  • Tap on the YouTube app then Remove from Chrome…
  • It asks you to Taon on Remove to confirm the app removal.

Like this, you can uninstall any app that you have added to Google Chrome. If you install the Youtube app on mac using another method then check out the below steps.

Method 2: Use third-party software to download the YouTube app

Many companies are aware that the YouTube app is not officially available for MacOS, therefore they have developed software that allows you to install apps directly on your Mac. WebCatolog is one of them, and it has similar features to the Chome web program, and it appears to be simple to install; here’s how.

  • Open the installer and follow the screen instructions to install it.
  • Enter the password and complete the installation.
  • Once it is installed open it.
  • Go to the Catalog option. 
  • Look for YouTube.
  • Click on the “Open” button.

Now you can access YouTube as a native application, it will work with Apple’s latest released Mac M2 or M1, so you can’t miss it. 

We hope this solution worked for you. Run the YouTube app as a native app on your Macbook or iMac. If you wish to download videos, you must use an Android emulator to install the YouTube app from Google Play in order to enjoy full mobile features.

If you face any problem, then leave a comment below and our team will help you fix it.

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