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Many people have made several attempts to emulate the Xbox 360 on PC. Most of those attempts have failed. CXbx is one of the oldest Xbox 360 emulators on the market, and while it made some headway when it first came out, it has since been discontinued. 

What is CXbx?

CXbx is a high-level Xbox emulator that people have attributed to the developers Caustik and blueshogun96. The application was written in C++, assembly, and C and designed for Windows. 

CXbx was supposed to take advantage of the fact that the Xbox uses an Intel Pentium Processor. As such, a significant portion of the code that usually consumes CPU resources could be executed directly, eliminating the need for dynamic recompilation.

After seeing the success UltraHLE and Project64 had encountered with high-level emulation, Caustik wanted to combine HLE and efficient direct code execution. 

What is CXbx

The emulator the developer released in 2002 was supposed to act as a proof of concept. He showed that his program could emulate the console’s lighting effects. 

At the time, CXbx could only play ‘Turok Evolution.’ Caustik eventually left the project. Though, he continued to release blogposts about the emulator in the mid to late 2000s. By the end of the 2000s, CXbx could only play five games, including ‘Turok Evolution,’ ‘Smashing Drive,’ ‘Futurama,’ ‘Robotech: Battlecry,’ and ‘Whacked.’

Luke Usher took an interest in the CXbx emulator in the early 2010s. But his attempts to revitalize the application ended in failure because his skills were severely lacking. Though, in 2013, he got ‘Turok’ and ‘Futurama’ to run on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (64 bit). 

But most people agree that CXbx is dead. Fans of that original emulator have taken an interest in cxbx reloaded, a fork of CXbx. 

How To Install CXbx?

Step 1. Start by determining whether or not your computer meets the minimum requirements, including Windows 7 or higher, Direct3D 9.0c, and 32-bit Visual C++.

Step 2. Download the emulator’s compressed folder from a safe website

Step 3. Extract CXbx from the compressed folder

Step 4. Run the CXbx exe file. This will launch the emulator

Step 5. Press F5 to start the emulation

Download CXbx

VersionGitHubBuild DateLink
CI-e774044View on Github Dec 12, 2021Download
CI-0c28acaView on GithubDec 11, 2021Download
CI-7c630d6View on GithubDec 9, 2021Download
CI-c9fe07aView on GithubNov 29, 2021Download
CI-41c9d7aView on GithubNov 25, 2021Download
CI-4457d11View on Github Nov 9, 2021Download

How To Use CXbx Emulator?

How To Use CXbx Emulator

You load games by going to ‘File’ and ‘Open.’ Find the folder with the Xbox games and select the relevant ROM. 

The emulator won’t run if your computer doesn’t meet the relevant CPU and GPU requirements. In some cases, you can resolve this issue by updating your drivers. If CXbx is still refusing to run, deactivate the checks in the code. The emulator may work. 


If you have an attachment to CXbx, you should consider using Cxbx reloaded. CXbx has discontinued more than a decade ago. You cannot expect an emulator that was abandoned in the mid-2000s to satisfy your needs. 

It cannot offer the support you expect from programs of this sort. On the other hand, cxbx reloaded has a team working behind the scenes to refine its operations. It is the superior option. Then again, CXbx is free, which means that you don’t lose anything by downloading it. 

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