Customizing Your Mac: How to Personalize Your User Experience

Discover how to customize your Macbook experience personalized and optimized for you! Apple’s minimalist user interface can be further customized to better match your style and preferences. With just a few tweaks to your macOS settings, you can significantly enhance your user experience. Find out how to make a custom Macintosh to best suit your tastes and give your Mac a fresh look and feel that truly represents you.

How can I personalize my Mac?

#1 Own dynamic wallpapers

Discover how to create your own dynamic wallpaper on your Mac! Forget about the default options – with the free Dynaper app, you can easily customize your desktop background by dragging and dropping your favorite pictures. Choose when each image should appear, or let Dynaper do it for you with its Autosuggest Time feature. When you’re finished, simply export the file and set it as your desktop picture. And if you’re not up for creating your own, browse through countless options on websites like the Dynamic Wallpaper Club.

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#2 Color scheme

Customize the appearance of your Mac with ease. Switch between light and dark modes and select your preferred accent and highlight colors. Enhance your user experience and reduce eye strain by following these simple steps.

  1. Open System Preferences using the icon on your Dock or Apple icon > System Preferences from the menu bar.
  2. Navigate to the General tab and choose your preferred Appearance from light, dark, or auto.
  3. Opt for Auto to switch from light to dark mode automatically throughout the day.
  4. Select an Accent color to customize buttons, pop-up menus, and other controls.
  5. Choose a Highlight color to apply when you highlight text in apps, your browser, or elsewhere.

#3 Desktop Clock Live‬

How do I put a clock on my Mac desktop?

  1. Easy access to the Desktop Clock by clicking on its icon in the Dock.
  2. Once opened, navigate to the Clock tab where you can customize various settings such as the Clock style, Always on Top, Hide second hand, Opacity, and Size.
  3. You also have the option to select the clock format – either 12h or 24h.
  4. To make things even more convenient, simply check the box next to Start at login.

#4 Add battery info

Maximize your MacBook’s battery life by enabling the Show Percentage option on the menu bar’s battery indicator. Simply click the icon when plugged in to view your charging status. If you’re using an earlier version of OS X, look for the option to display how long your battery will last during current use. Test your battery life by unplugging the charging adapter and make the most out of your portable Mac.

#5 Protect your data

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#6 Rearrange the Control Centre

Discover the untapped potential of your Mac’s Control Centre! Take full control of which widgets appear on your menu bar and decide when they should be at your fingertips. With easy customization options, you can hide any widgets you don’t need and enjoy a streamlined experience like never before.

#7 Sidebar size

Enhance your macOS experience by customizing the sidebar icons in Finder. Easily navigate to your favorite folders and locations on your Mac in style with small, medium, or large icon sizes. Access this feature through System Preferences>General>Sidebar Icon Size and select your preferred size from the dropdown menu.

#8 Add some widgets

If you’re looking for simple yet handy tools to add to your macOS, consider the built-in widgets. Among them, the month view calendar and world clock stand out as practical options for a quick glance. To access the notification center, simply swipe with two fingers from the edge of the trackpad. This is where you will find not only your outstanding alerts but also the widgets you’ve added. To tweak them, click “Edit Widgets” at the bottom of the list.


Macs are powerful and efficient devices that offer a wide range of features. To make the most out of your macOS experience, you can customize everything from its color scheme to its control center and widgets. With a few simple tweaks, you can create an enjoyable and highly personalized computing environment. So what are you waiting for?!

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