What Are Some of the COVID-19 Tracking Apps?

COVID-19 has affected people all over the world, but one thing that has always been a concern since the pandemic started is: how do you know if you have been around someone who has been infected with the coronavirus? 

What Are Some of the COVID-19 Tracking Apps?

Well, one potential solution is a tracking app that will alert you in the event that you were possibly exposed to the virus. With this information, you can then take the appropriate steps to determine if you have indeed been infected and if you need to take care to let others know that you have the virus too. 

You Can Find Apps Based on Where You Live

Many states around the country have created their own COVID-19 contact tracing apps to help track cases as they develop. So, if you’re interested in this type of app, see which ones are available for your area. And don’t forget to check Nuwber for helpful stats on COVID-19 in your state as well. 


One of the coronavirus tracking apps that you can consider downloading is GuideSafe, which was designed to help fight COVID-19. This particular app is for those who are in the state of Alabama. Basically, it allows you to share news of a positive coronavirus test, but it is done anonymously. And it also alerts you to the fact that you were exposed to someone who tested positive. All of the information is shared anonymously to help protect people’s privacy. 

This app works in an interesting way. Basically, if you’re within six feet of someone for a minimum of 15 minutes in the last two weeks, and they tested positive, you’ll be alerted. How is that possible? Well, when you’re within six feet of someone, and they also have the app downloaded on their smartphone, anonymous and encrypted codes will be exchanged through Bluetooth. Although no specific details will be shared, such as who exposed you to the virus, it does let you know that you might be at risk of being positive.


This app for those in New York will alert you if you’ve been within six feet of someone for 10+ minutes and they’ve tested positive. Also, in the event that you’ve tested positive, you can use this app to let others know as well. All of this is done without revealing a person’s identity. 

You can even use this app to talk to a health advisor and to gain tips that can help you stay safe and healthy. Plus, you can use it to log any symptoms you experience. And the app is designed to keep your location and identity private. 

HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker

Finally, another one of the available coronavirus tracking apps is the COVID-19 Tracker from HealthLynked. With this app, in the event that you have been diagnosed with the virus, you can report it to the app. You can also report symptoms that you are experiencing. Once you do that, the app will work on getting in touch with the people in your contacts list to let them know the news. That way, they can then take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones as well. 

In addition to being able to report your symptoms and diagnosis, you can also use this app to chat with others, get news about COVID-19, and look at a map to track the number of reported cases and people with symptoms. 

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