The Ultimate Guide to Converting Word Documents to PDFs

PDF documents are necessary for sharing files on the Internet. Sharing files does need protection and security. PDFs do ensure maximum security of documents, especially business documents. Word-to-PDF conversion is a simple solution to the problems. 

It is easy to convert Word to PDF files as PDF converters are free. Word-to-PDF converters are easy to use and simply pick and drop all files. PDF file format preserves the formatting and layout of all files. PDF files preserve document formatting patterns. Formatting is necessary for taking printouts of various files.

Word to PDF conversion is critical for preserving file and document security. PDF files provide efficient formatting options to ensure maximum quality in the printing process. There are different procedures to convert files to PDF format. PDF conversion becomes necessary in some cases. 

The article below presents most simplest way to convert files from Word files to PDF format. 

You can convert Word to PDF by different methods and procedures.

MS Office and PDF Conversion:

Users can convert PDF files by MS Office but users need to follow certain procedures. MS Office provides a direct conversion of files from their destination. The MS Word to PDF conversion is a built-in feature in MS Word. 

There are the following steps involved in MS Word conversion:

  • Open the MS Word Documents
  • Click File Menu 
  •  Choose the option of saving as
  • Choose PDF as Save as an option 
  • Configure PDF documents 
  • Save the PDF files    

Convert With an Online Tool   

Various online platforms allow users to convert Word documents to PDF. Examples include ItsPDF, ZamZar, and online2PDF. The online tools are a simple way to convert files from Word to PDF format. The online tools provide a simple procedure for PDF conversion. You can drag or drop files from any place or download files directly from its location. Working on cloud computing drives like Google Drive, then directly download from its location.      

There are the following steps you need to follow for Word files to PDF conversion:

  • Upload Word File
  • Format Documents 
  • Click Convserion Button 
  • Convert and Download 

Conversion by Google Docs:

Google Docs is one of the most efficient ways to convert Word to PDF files. There is a specific procedure you need to follow while converting files.

The steps involved in  Word to PDF conversion by Google Docs are as follows:

  •  Upload Documents to Google Docs
  • Open File menu 
  • Click Download 
  • Choose Download as PDF
  • Click the option as PDF Documents(.PDF)

Why PDF Format?

The PDF preserves document formatting style and enables a secure sharing of files and documents. You can modify and set formatting styles while printing documents. PDF retains the document layout while printing files  

There are different benefits of converting files into PDF files:

  • PDF is one of the most accepted document platforms for file sharing.
  • PDF files are well protected and even can protect a specific part of files.
  • PDF format is best for sharing office files and documents 
  • PDF format ensures security for files and can protect a specific part of files
  • PDF format can reproduce commercial printing methods, making them useful for printing documents.
  • PDF format is accessible on all platforms and documents make them a secure format for everyone.
  • PDF format to reduce file size and hence easy to share files 
  • PDF has become Standard for document distribution 
  • Downloading speed does increase while PDF file involves


PDF documents have now become a standard for layout preservation. Printing of documents is ensured while converting files to PDF format. For document distribution, it is necessary for file conversion. 

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