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The world changes fast as technology grows. Innovative platforms arose combining Android emulators and cloud operation. For these cloud emulators, all your game and app information lives in the cloud. You can access your account from anywhere and play your favorite games on your Android television, computer, or phone.

These platforms make it easy to play your Android app on your PC or play your favorite pc game on your Android phone. Also, they can provide additional features for apps that run on your phone. These platforms can make apps function on a pc in ways they were unable to do before.

Cloud sharing allows gamers and other users to access their programs without worrying about which device they are using. Also, it is an efficient way to outsource your storage problems. You have the opportunity to free up your device’s internal storage using a cloud emulator.

The main difference between cloud Android emulators and other Android emulators is that cloud emulators need internet access to run their programs. Without internet access, you cannot access your data, apps, or games.

Despite this potential issue, many people choose a cloud Android emulator for security, ease of use, and synchronization. Cloud-storage makes it easier to keep all your data together across devices. The five cloud Android emulators listed below will help you play your favorite Android apps and games across all your devices.

List of Best Best Cloud Android Emulator 2021

No.Cloud Android EmulatorPlatform
1.BlueStacks Cloud ConnectAndroid
2.Google StadiaAndroid, iOS, Windows macOS
3.VortexAndroid, Windows, macOS
5.RemotrAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux soon

1: BlueStacks and Blue Stacks Cloud Connect

 Blue Stacks Cloud Connect

A company called BlueStacks produces one of the most reliable Android emulators available. The BlueStacks App’s operation is intuitive. Users find its format easy to navigate. 

When the main BlueStacks app connects with the cloud, it becomes possible to play a wide assortment of Android games through your phone. Some popular Android games include Don’t Drink the Water and Angry Birds.

Installing BlueStacks Cloud Connect on your Android phone only requires 500 kb of internal storage on your phone. It allows you to access your smartphone apps across your other electronic devices.

This online platform is primarily a vehicle for game downloading and installation. There are free and paid versions of the software available. Note: ads are usually minimal in the free version.

2: Google Stadia

Playing games on Google Stadia is safe and fun. The emulator relies on the speed of your internet to play purchased games on your various Android devices.

Google Stadia

Google Statida works with your smartphones, televisions, and computers. A fast wifi connection allows you to play your game up to 4,000 k with a click of a button. This emulator requires an internet connection of 10 megabits per second to deliver good gameplay.

You do not have to wait for game updates for your bought games as the Google server automatically installs updates for your games. 

If you want to try out Google Stadia, you can find the program available for download at the Google Play store. Google Stadia costs under $15 per month. It gives you access to new games with a subscription, but you lose these games if you give up the subscription; however, this does not include games you purchase outside the platform.

3: Vortex

Vortex is a powerful cloud Android emulator. You do not need to have a game console to play your favorite games. Your phone is the only tool you need. The emulator will have your phone acting like a well-loved console.


Vortex is not free. It offers three levels of subscriptions for its users: Premium, Ultra, and Mobile. This app allows you to play between 78-170 games. 

The amount of hours you can play a month remains limited by the type of subscription you choose. The most expensive option allows you to play up to a hundred and forty hours per month.

Vortex is an affordable gaming solution when you consider that you do not have to purchase an expensive gaming console or computer to play the most robust games.

3: Gloud

With Gloud, you can transform your mobile device into a quick-paced game console. You can play Play Station, AAA Xbox, and PC games.


The emulator uses an app and Bluetooth on your phone to play games. With this emulator, you can use your favorite console controllers. You can use Xbox and PS4 controllers. 

The best thing about this emulator is that it is free to use. You can download the app at the Google Play store.

5: Remotr

The fifth Android cloud emulator on the list is Remotr. This emulator allows you to play your preferred PC games on your Android phone. The emulator allows you to keep your game’s performance and graphics working on your chosen device.


You can expect each game to function smoothly. This program streams games with high-quality graphics effortlessly as long as you have a suitable internet connection and an Android device above version 4.1. You can expect some lag time if you have an older Android device or a slow internet connection.

The app is free and works. It reflects pc games onto your mobile device, and the app allows for easy game selection. It recreates your computer’s mouse or joystick with online controls. There is no extra remote required to use the emulator.

For the app to function correctly, you need to install the Remotr streamer on your computer. To get the emulator, you must download it from the company’s website. 

Before you download the program, you need to make sure your device has Windows Client installed. Windows Client needs to be compatible with Windows 7 or higher to work. 

Once you install the programs, it is necessary to create an account and sign in with both programs. Completing this sign-in allows Remotr to stream through wifi and data networks.

Final Thoughts

Cloud Android emulators make playing games across platforms simple. With advances in technology, you no longer must have a specific system to play a game that you love. 

As the gaming industry grows and the need for specific systems changes, emulators become more popular. It seems like we are moving toward a system capable of combining gaming platforms. 

With games taking up more disk space, a movement towards a cloud emulator for Android makes sense. You get the gaming experience you want on the device you desire, and your device remains unencumbered by a bunch of media eating up valuable space.

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