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Do you want to connect with new people on social media but are worried about your privacy and want to find the best Chatroulette alternatives? You’ll probably enjoy this post, as it’s written especially for you!

Most people are searching for online buddies nowadays. The Chatroulette apps are helping a lot in this matter. You can expand your connections by meeting new people online through these apps. These applications have wonderful features and are free to download.

What is Chatroulette App?

Chatroulette apps are random chat rooms where you can meet new people without sharing your private information such as name and email etc. You don’t have to log in for access. It features the use of webcams and microphones for communication.

This article is all about the best Chatroulette apps for Android as well as iOS. It has all the necessary information about these applications. This detailed information can help you to choose the best Chatroulette app for iPhone and Android devices.

8 Best Chatroulette apps for iPhone and Android

No.Chatroulette AppsFree
4.Strangers Chat
5.Random Chat / Chatroulette
6.Chat Alternative
8.Fav Talk

1. Chatous

Chatroulette app

Chatous is one of the most reliable Chatroulette apps. You can install this app on your phone for smooth communication and networking. It is available for both Android well as iOS. Chatous is an effortless and free application.

Its key feature is that it has real users from around the world who are in search of an online friend. You can choose among many users to make friends. You can share pictures with the stranger and chat conveniently.

Moreover, Chatous and Twitter are much similar. You can search for your favorite topic using hashtags. This hashtag method organizes strangers of the same taste in a chatroom. You can search for any topic using the hashtag and enter the corresponding room.

Download (Android) (iOS)

2. Azar

Chatroulette app

Azar is another amazing Chatroulette app. The motive of this application is to provide a great place for millions of users for chats. Azar app is free from any fictitious or fake system. Its registration system ensures the addition of real members only.

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It provides you with an option to start a video call or a live chat with other users. As it gives access to users all over the world, you might think about communication gaps due to language. The good news is, it has featured a real-time translation of languages. Azar Chatroulette app focuses on video chatting with your partners.

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3. Cam

Chatroulette app

CAM is the best Chatroulette app for people who love video calling. This app ensures proper privacy. It keeps your name and personal information hidden. CAM can be used on both Android as well as iOS.

The connection with your desired person is just a single click away. Adjust your camera and enjoy a face-to-face chat. It filters foul language and doesn’t tolerate offensive behavior.

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4. Strangers Chat

Chatroulette app

Strangers Chat is another fascinating app if you are in search of a Chatroulette app. As it is an online interactive platform, so you shouldn’t worry about the distance. No matter wherever you and your partner live, you can communicate with your partners without any problem.

You can either chat with people from all over the world or you can filter specific locations and then select from them. You can report users who misbehave and are into offensive actions.

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5. Random Chat / Chatroulette

This Chat Roulette is for some serious users. If you want a proper emotional attachment and want to meet strangers in real life, then you should go for this app. It is ideal for random conversations with strangers and this feature makes it the coolest app.

There is no obligation for registration on this application. Just open the app and enjoy your chats. You can add memes or funny pictures to attract the person on the other side. It is easily accessible and fun-to-use. 

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6. Chat Alternative

‘Chat Alternative’ helps you to make matches with people around the world. It allows you to make new friends, find true love or even meet strangers. There’s no need to register yourself. You can directly start with a chat.

One of the most significant benefits of this Chatroulette app is that it has no age limit. Without any restriction, people of any age can use this app. Even teens can make friends from all the countries and enjoy themselves with them. Again, you can filter locations to select friends from desired locations only.

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7. Yepop

In search of a Chatroulette app that is the best one to start a live chat, well, Yepop is the one. It makes video chatting relaxing and easy. You can add your favorite people to your friend list.

You can scroll and swipe to see different people from all over the world. If you like someone and want to become friends with them, you can start a chat or a live video. Yepop makes it easier and safe to communicate with strangers.

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8. Fav Talk

This app is used by a huge community just like you. It is one of the best Chatroulette apps and is very reliable when it comes to privacy. You can stop people from discovering you via search in the settings of this app. It is very secure.

You can allow people who have similar interests as yours. It’s your own choice. You can chat with them anonymously and add them if you like them. You can explore as much as you want for developing better relations with people. 

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Apps like Chatroulette for iOS

Here are the best apps like Chatroulette for iPhone users.

1. Chatous
2. Fav Talk
3. MewChat
4. Azar
5. Random Chat
6. Cum
These apps let you experience random video chatting around the globe with no restriction.

How to safe on Chat roulette site?

Chatroulette is a good source of talking to random peoples but you also need to protect your privacy, so that no one can take advantages from your data. Here we have shared few tips to safe yourself.

1. Use trusted VPN
2. Don’t enter your personal phone number
3. If someone ask your bank details, don’t talk them
4. Don’t put your original address
5. Don’t send your personal details to anyone
6. Use fake ID to talk anonymously

These tips can help you to secure your data.


Chatroulette apps are a very convenient source of communication for people who are worried about privacy. These apps are a solution to all the security problems of such people. They don’t keep your data, are free, and very easy-to-use. 

Happy Chating! 

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