CamScanner For PC Full Version Download for Windows/Mac

CamScanner For PC Full Version Download for Windows/Mac

CamScanner is a convenient tool with features to capture documentation in a competent way. If you want to scan your documents or transform them into a text file, then the CamScanner would be the ultimate solution for you. This is none other than an app with useful functions. Scan your documents effortlessly on your computer or laptop. It supports Windows 7/8/10 and macOS.

In this article, we will download and install CamScanner for PC full version and learn how you can use mobile features on your computer in the right way.  You can scan and send a lot of docs to your clients, that’s why so many people are using CamScanner heavily. It can detect the document’s edges and crop off the background. 

It’s also a good tool for auditors. If you face tons of books and statements, then CamScanner makes your life easier than ever. 

If you are a student then it will help you a lot, you can scan all the important points from your textbooks and read them in your library, even recognize them and print. CamScanner can generate a clear and sharp image which you can use for your low-resolution assignments or images. 

What is CamScanner OCR?

(OCR) is an optical character recognition technology that can turn JPG images or handwritten content into text formats without having grammatical mistakes. You can simply convert your documents to text and save them to Word or txt. file. It’s a pretty handy way. 

The app has a storage facility. And a premium version is also available. But the free version is sufficiently good. This is the only app from the top best document scanners app on the  Play Store with over 1 million reviews. So you can imagine this app’s popularity. This application can do anything. The best thing about this app is that it’s a very lightweight application. You can easily capture single or multiple documents with photos.

There are various ways to run CamScanner on a computer or laptop and the Android emulator one of those. You need to set up an emulator to handle the application which you want to use on your desktop even it works as well as on macOS. Here you can learn how to install it in the right way.

How to Download CamScanner for Windows PC

Step 1: Download Android Emulator

You need to download a reliable and powerful Android emulator like BlueStakcs or Nox App Player, for downloading click the below links.

Step 2: Install Emulator on your desktop

Go to the download folder and open the emulator setup file by using double click then, accept “Nox License Agreement” and click on “Install“. If you want to change the installation location then, click on “Custom” and select partiton which you want to install.

Step 3: Start Nox App Player

Start Nox App Player

It takes few seconds to complete installation then, click on “Start” button to run.

Step 4: Open browser or Playstore

You can download directly CamScanner from Google Playstore, In case you don’t find it due to a ban in some regions then, open the browser and copy the below link to download the APK file into your emulator. Copy Link ➤

Step 5: Open installation APK

Go to the file manager to install CamScanner APK or open directly to your browser after downloading.

Open installation APK

Step 6: Click Next and Install

After opening, read the terms and condition form and click Next-Next and install. it take a moment to install.

Step 7: Open CamScanner

Open CamScanner

After Installing, you can use CamScanner on your computer. To run it, go to home and tap to open the application. If you are not able to install it on your laptop then watch the below video.

How to Install CamScanner for Mac

Step 1: Download BlueStacks

You need to download BlueStacks for macOS, click the below link to download the full version file. Click Here.

Step 2: Install Blestacks on Mac

Go to the download folder and open the BlueStacks.DMG file then, it will verify by your machine. To Install, double-click the icon above. Again package will verify.

Install Blestacks on Mac

Step 3: Open the emulator

 Open the emulator

Now you need to open the emulator from your Mac and open Playstore to login with your Gmail account, after that, you will be able to download any application from the store. In case you don’t find the CamScanner application on the Playstore then, download a separate APK from the above link.

Step 4: Import App

Open File Manager to import the CamScanner app which you have downloaded from the above link, click on the app, and install it likewise Android UI.

 Import App

Now you will be able to scan and convert documents into text format using your Mac Machine. If you aren’t able to install then, watch the complete video tutorial below.

Hope you find it useful today and If you have anything to share on CamScanner For PC Full Version Download for Windows/Mac then, feel free to let us know through the comment.

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