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Higan is one of the most popular SNES emulators in the world. But how does it compare to Bsnes? Many people know that Bsnes was part of Higan. They do not realize that Bsnes is also an independent program that has garnered a positive reputation because of its incredible accuracy.

What is bsnes?

Bsnes is an open-source Super Famicom emulator that was written in C++. Compatible with Windows, macOS, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux, it started as a subset of Higan. Developed by Byuu (who eventually became Near), Bsnes attracted a lot of attention because it chose to prioritize accuracy over performance, which is why it doesn’t have game-specific hacks.

The absence of idle-loop skipping optimization will also surprise some gamers. But if you want a program that will accurately recreate your experience with the original Super Famicom, the Bsnes emulator is the answer. 

Bsnes Emulator Download

Capable of running 99 percent of all Super Nintendo games, the free program was designed to act as an alternative to emulators like ZSNES that were known for their poor accuracy.

Bsnes only fell out of favor because the focus on accuracy sacrificed performance. As a result, the emulator was abandoned. Higan rose out of the original Bsnes.

The success of Higan should have marked the death of Bsnes. But Byuu (Near), the emulator’s creator, decided to revive the software in 2018. Boasting high accuracy and superior performance, the new Bsnes was also easier to use than Higan, which is why it attracted so many gamers.

Bsnes Features

  • Written in C++
  • Runs on Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, Libretro, OpenBSD, and macOS
  • High Accuracy
  • A Database with Thousands of Games
  • A Database Filled with Cheat Codes
  • Save State Manager
  • Screenshot Previews
  • Advanced Mapping System
  • Cheat Code Search Support

How To Install bsnes?

To install the Bsnes emulator on a PC, you need at least Pentium IV (2Ghz) or AMD Athlon (1.67Ghz). If your computer meets the hardware and software requirements, you can proceed:

Step 1. Download the Bsnes emulator from a source you trust

Step 2. Extract the files 

Step 3. Run the .exe file

Download Bsnes_v115-windows

Bsnes-hd beta 10.6Size
bsnes_hd_beta_10_6_android_libretro.zip2.86 MB
bsnes_hd_beta_10_6_gamefixes.zip29.1 KB
bsnes_hd_beta_10_6_linux.tar.bz23.82 MB
bsnes_hd_beta_10_6_linux_libretro.zip7.49 MB
bsnes_hd_beta_10_6_mac.tar.bz23.58 MB
bsnes_hd_beta_10_6_mac_libretro.zip969 KB
bsnes_hd_beta_10_6_windows.zip4.6 MB
bsnes_hd_beta_10_6_windows_libretro.zip7.78 MB
Source code(zip)

Source code(tar.gz)
  • Size: 4.6MB
  • Platform: Windows and macOS, Linux, Android
  • Date: Mar 4, 2020
  • License: Freeware (Open-source)

How To Use Bsnes?

To use Bsnes, you need ROMs of the games you want to play. However, you should note that it is illegal to download ROMs of games you do not own. Once you have the ROMs, you can proceed:

1). Go to ‘System’ and then ‘Load Game’. Navigate to the folder with your ROM files. Select the ROM file you want to load.

2). Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘View’ to adjust the resolution. You can also use ‘Output’ to manipulate elements such as ‘Aspect Correction’ and ‘Blur Emulation’.

3). With ‘Settings’ and then ‘Video’, you can make changes to factors like saturation, luminance, and gamma.

4). If you go to ‘Input’, you can select and configure your controller. 


Bsnes was somewhat divisive in the beginning because it was highly accurate but the performance was poor. The latest version doesn’t have those weaknesses. It can still play the majority of SNES games. It is also highly accurate. But the performance has improved greatly and it is easier to use than Higan.

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