BlueStacks 5 for macOS Download Full Version (2024)

If you play mobile games on your PC, you probably use BlueStacks. After all, BlueStacks is still the biggest emulator in the world. They released BlueStacks 5 a while back to great fanfare, and PC users love it. But what about the macOS crowd? Can BlueStacks 5 run on a Mac?

The news is not good, at least not for the moment. BlueStacks 5 is not available on macOS. The application is a significant improvement from the previous version. Users appreciate the faster installations and launches. 

The program hit the market in February of 2021, and it took the mobile gaming world by storm. It was still free, but the performance was greatly improved. Unfortunately, macOS users couldn’t enjoy it. 

The company behind the emulator has assured its followers that BlueStacks 5 for macOS is on the way. They are working hard to make the software compatible with Apple’s computer. But no one knows when BlueStacks 5 for macOS will debut.


Some people expected the program to come out in 2024. But BlueStacks has refused to announce a release date, which tells you that the developers have several hurdles to overcome before they can deliver BlueStacks 5 for macOS. 

But that doesn’t mean BlueStacks has abandoned Mac users. They still have version 4.240.5. The emulator was already available on macOS. But Apple complicated matters when it released Big Sur. The OS update, which enabled users to upgrade to macOS 11, created compatibility issues.

At the time, the emulator BlueStacks had released for macOS would either crash repeatedly or it wouldn’t start. The bugs infuriated users. They flooded BlueStacks with messages, and the company promised a solution.

It did not take them long to deliver. They introduced BlueStacks 4.240.5, a version of the emulator that worked seamlessly with Big Sur. The company encouraged people with the previous version to upgrade to 4.240.5.

The installation process remained largely unchanged. However, users had to provide certain app permissions before they could proceed. Some consumers tried and failed to upgrade their emulators.

File Size683MB
Developed byBlueStacks
LicenseFree to use
PlatformIA-32, x86-64
CategoryAndroid emulator

But BlueStacks told them that manually reinstalling the emulator would produce the same results. Today, BlueStacks 4.240.5 is still around. You can play every Android game that piques your interest on Big Sur. BlueStacks 5 for macOS is still several months away, possibly even years. But if you have a Mac, you’re not missing much.

BlueStacks 5 Features

  • Support for Android Pie
  • Create and alter game controls
  • Eco-Mode
  • A new side Toolbar
  • HD screen resolution
  • 60FPS or higher

Is BlueStacks 5 Available For M1 Chip?

Apple fanatics cannot wait to get their hands on the M1 chip. The ARM-based processors are fascinating because M1 machines can run iOS apps. Therefore, you don’t need an emulator to enjoy your favorite iOS games on an M1 Mac.

But that doesn’t apply to Android games. If you want to run Android apps on an M1 Mac, you still need an emulator. This is why BlueStacks is working hard to introduce a version of their software that makes effective use of the M1 chip’s capabilities.

BlueStacks 5 will benefit significantly from the M1 chip’s attributes. The emulator has already exceeded expectations. Apart from using 40 percent less RAM than its predecessor, it delivers smoother gameplay at a higher FPS. 

People expect BlueStacks 5 to work on M1 Macs. In fact, if you look at any list of the best emulators for the M1 chip, BlueStacks 5 is probably number one. But that doesn’t mean the emulator can run on an M1 Mac. Rather, it means that people expect the company to eventually introduce a version of the emulator that is compatible with the M1 chip.

No one knows when that will happen. You can’t even use BlueStacks on Mac computers that came out after 2014. If you have macOS 12 Monterey, you are also out of luck.

At this point, no one knows when an M1-compatible version of BlueStacks 5 will debut. You can take comfort in the fact that BlueStacks is working hard to make the dreams of Mac users a reality.


It isn’t that difficult to understand why Mac users want an M1-compatible version of BlueStacks 5. It is faster and more efficient. But the company has several hurdles to overcome before BlueStacks 5 comes to the M1 chip. For now, you have to make do with version 4.240.5

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