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Android is very popular. For the longest time, you needed a mobile device to run Android-based games and apps. But that is no longer the case. The market is filled with Android emulators that can create an environment on a PC or Mac within which Android games and apps can run.

Bliss OS is categorized as an android emulator. But it is far more sophisticated than that.

What is Bliss OS?

Bliss OS is an Android-based operating system. You can run it on everything from Windows and Mac to other smartphones. The open-source program, which was built on Android 10 tries to recreate the Android experience on any device you have on hand. That includes a touchscreen and non-touch products. 

Rather than updating their Android operating systems, many people have chosen to install Bliss OS on their android devices instead. Once the operating system is in place, you can sync all your apps and settings across every Bliss OS-powered computer and device in your possession. 

Bliss OS

Rather than creating another emulator, the developers behind Bliss decided to make their product far more comprehensive. They wanted to introduce a program that consumers could use in the place of their operating system. They succeeded. 

Because this is an open-source program, it has many skilled and experienced Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux developers working behind the scenes to enhance the capabilities of the operating system. 


  • You can customize the settings to fit devices with small and large screens
  • The operating system receives regular AOSP updates
  • Bliss OS is fast and stable even when it runs demanding apps
  • You can choose between a desktop or tablet UI
  • It is compatible with ARM/ARM64 apps
  • The program supports Widewine L3 DRM
  • You can configure gamepads
  • Battery-friendly


  • The operating system makes efficient use of the battery
  • You can choose between a desktop or tablet UI
  • You can run a multitude of Android apps and games without any restrictions or complications
  • Compatible with Google Play Store
  • You can customize the OS to fit your needs
  • It runs on most devices


  • Installation is somewhat complicated
  • The hardware support is lacking

How To Use Bliss OS?

With this emulator, you have the option of either installing on the hard drive or using the dual-boot option. 

Minimum System Requirements

  • 2GB (RAM)
  • 8GB (Storage)
  • 1.8GHz (Processor)

Downloading Bliss Os

  • You need a stable internet connection
  • Visit the official Bliss website
  • Find the Bliss OS image
  • Download the ISO file

Installing Bliss OS – Dual Boot

Step 1. Find the Bliss OS download on your computer.

Step 2. Use a suitable program to extract the zip file (Androidx86-Installv26.0003.exe)

Step 3. Once the file is extracted, double click the installer to launch it

Step 4. At this stage, the installer will do most of the work. However, at some point, it will ask you to select the ISO file and the target drive. 

Step 5. The actual installation process will start once you click ‘Install

Step 6. Wait a few minutes. That is all it takes for Bliss OS to install.

Step 7. Once the installation is complete, restart your computer

Step 8. Make sure you select the Android OS from the boot menu

Installing Bliss OS – Hard Drive

Be careful with this approach. It will work. However, it will also erase your hard drive. Keep this in mind before you proceed. If you’re still determined to use this method, take a moment to back up your data. Otherwise, you will lose all of it:

Step 1. With this method, you are still expected to download the ISO file. However, rather than extracting the download file and launching the installer, you have to burn the ISO file on a blank disk. You can also use a bootable USB drive.

Step 2. Insert the DVD (or the USB Drive) into your computer. Boot the Android operating system from the DVD

Step 3. Wait for a menu to appear. Look for ‘Advanced Options’ and ‘Auto Installation’.

Step 4. At this point, you will have an opportunity to change your mind. The computer will give you the option of wiping the hard drive clean. You cannot proceed without selecting ‘YES’.

Step 5. Once you select ‘YES’, that is it. You can’t turn back. Your hard drive’s data will be erased. This may take a while.

Step 6. Once this process ends, a window will give you the option of running Bliss OS. Select this option. 

Step 7. You will know that Bliss OS is ready for use once you see the Bliss OS logo on your screen. 

If you just installed the operating system on a PC, you can shut it down by right-clicking the Bliss OS icon in the Windows system tray and selecting ‘Quit’ once the menu opens. This will shut the OS down. 

As you can see, Bliss makes things as simple and uncomplicated as possible. But it won’t operate as effectively on older computers. This applies to older mobile devices as well. 

To get the best out of the OS, try to install it on the strongest possible device. Otherwise, it may not deliver the smooth performance you expect. 

7 Best Bliss OS Alternatives Android Emulator

1.BlueStacks 5
2.LD Player
3.KO Player
4.Nox App Player
5.MEmu Emulator


Bliss OS is a labor of love, made by people that have chosen to volunteer their time and energy. And yet, it is quite advanced, providing a streamlined user interface and a litany of customization options.

The software’s biggest attraction is the fact that it works on so many computing devices. Many android emulators are designed to recreate the android experience on a computer.

But you can install Bliss OS on android devices as well as PCs and Macs. You can use it in place of your ordinary Android operating system. Bliss OS has basically bridged the gap between desktops, smartphones, and tablets. 

It works on touchscreen and non-touch devices. You are guaranteed speed and stability. It also encourages people to install the program on multiple devices by allowing them to sync all their apps. 

Despite all it can do, it is battery-friendly. You can trust the developers to keep your data safe. They provide regular security updates that prevent hackers from taking advantage of any weakness the operating system may have developed. 

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