BGMI Download for PC Windows 7/8/10/11 (2024)

Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Official (BGMI) for Windows PC Full version without facing any error.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of BGMI. The mobile game has been making waves in India for several months. However, some avid gamers have chosen to avoid it because they hate mobile games. 

That raises a question. Can you play BGMI on PC? And if you can, how can someone go about downloading and playing BGMI on PC? Is there a version of BGMI that can work on a computer? This guide will give you the answers.

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What Is BGMI?

Before you can figure out a way of playing BGMI on PC, you must first determine what it is. BGMI stands for ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India.’ You may assume that BGMI is a brand-new mobile game. 

And in a sense, you are right. The title entered the gaming scene in 2021. However, if you know anything about mobile games, you knew what BGMI was before it was released in 2021.

BGMI is basically the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. But why is it called BGMI today? You can blame the Indian government. PUBG Mobile was incredibly popular in India.

It entered the country years ago. However, the government of India banned the game in 2020, along with over a hundred applications with ties to China. India perceived PUBG Mobile as a threat to the country’s sovereignty. 

The developers responded by announcing a new version of the game, released under the banner of ‘PUBG India Private Limited,’ a company they had registered with the country’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Initially, they titled the game ‘PUBG Mobile India.’ But later on, they changed the name to ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India.’ The game was a massive success, accruing tens of millions of downloads over a relatively short period. 

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How To Download on PC?

If you’ve never played BGMI, this question will confuse you. After all, anyone that wants to download a game can just visit the developer’s website and click ‘Download.’

What makes BGMI so special? Yes, you can download BGMI by visiting the official site and clicking ‘Download.’ However, this method won’t help you if you have a PC.

BGMI is a mobile game. It works on Android and iOS devices. You cannot play the game on a PC or Mac. However, you’ve probably seen videos on the internet of people playing BGMI on a PC. How did they do it? They probably followed these steps:

Step 1: Get a Suitable Emulator

Start by downloading an emulator. BGMI is not designed to run on a PC. But an emulator can replicate the environment of a mobile device on a computer. If you have an emulator, you can run most iOS and Android applications on a PC, including games like BGMI.

Search the internet for a suitable emulator. BlueStacks is the most popular emulator at the moment.

Step 2: Download Emulator

Visit the BlueStacks website and download the latest version. Get a version that fits your system. Bluestacks has a version of their emulator that is compatible with most operating systems. 


Step 3: Install Emulator

Install BlueStacks on your PC. If you’ve never used an emulator, just follow the instructions.


Step 4: Create a Gmail account to log in


The emulator will ask you to log into your Google account. If you don’t have one, create a Google account. 

Step 5: Open Google PlayStore

BlueStack’s interface has a Google Play Store icon. Use it to access Google’s App store.

Step 6: Search BGMI

Look for BGMI. Once you find the game, you can initiate the installation process. Installing BGMI on a PC is no different from installing the game on a mobile device. 


Step 7: Click the Install button to download

Wait for BGMI to finish installing before clicking ‘Open.’ You have to activate the game inside BlueStacks. 

Step 8: Run BGMI and login

Sign in to the game and accept the terms and conditions. If you have played PUBG Mobile before, you can transfer your information to BGMI. 


Make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements, including a 64-bit system (Windows 7), 4GB of RAM, updated DirectX, and 4GB of storage. You need an Intel Core i3-4340.

You can also get by with AMD FX 6400. Use the most powerful computer you can find to optimize the game’s performance.

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BGMI PC concepts?

The game utilizes the same concepts people have seen in PUBG, including the following:

1). Like PUBG Mobile, BGMI is a battle royale in which several players face off against one another. The winner is the last man standing. Players can enter each match alone or as a team. 

2). The battles occur on one of six maps. A plane will fly across a map at the start of a round. Players can jump out whenever they see fit. A player can increase their chances of parachuting down to the most beneficial location by leaving the plane at the right moment.

3). Players are armed with little more than the clothes on their backs. Once they touch down, gamers must scour the landscape for equipment, including vehicles and guns. When a player dies, other people can loot their gear.

4). BGMI is a shooting game. Players can choose between first and third-person perspectives, depending on their preference and the benefits each POV offers. 

5). Players have a limited amount of time to finish the round. Each map has boundaries that shrink over time, reducing the size of the battlefield. The game warns players about the shrinking boundaries beforehand. 

Anyone caught outside the shimmering walls will continue to take damage until they die or until they enter the safe zone. 

6). A plane will occasionally drop new loot.

7). The game will bomb random sections of the map. 

8). Each player’s performance will determine their rewards.


BGMI is a popular game with tens of millions of users in India. Despite the government’s best efforts, the application has a growing fanbase that can’t get enough of the Krafton product.

However, because BGMI only works on mobile devices, you have to download an emulator to play this game on a PC. Don’t listen to people who claim to have a version of BGMI that works on PC.

Krafton is yet to release BGMI for PC. You cannot trust the PC versions of this game. They are probably viruses masquerading as BGMI for PC. 

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