5 Best Valorant Trackers to See Valorant Stats (Apps/Sites)

Valorant trackers give you detailed information about your gameplay-such as win rate, hours played, headshot percentage, and kill-death ratio.

Valorant is a team-based first-person shooter with tactical gameplay as its core. This game came out on June 2, 2020-which means it’s only been on the video game market for a short time. It’s comparable to CS GO: Counter Strike but offers a more modern and accessible experience for players who want to get into the FPS genre.

You can play with your friends in 5vs5 matches, or you can play against other players from all over the world. The game has a lot of different weapons and skins, so it’s not just about shooting people but also about collecting weapon skins and bragging rights. It’s a uniquely designed game with a strong community, and it’s only just getting started.

4 Best Valorant Trackers

In contrast to most games, Valorant does not have a stat tracking system that lets players know how well they are doing. Valorant has seen a lot of interest from players who want a simple way to track their stats. As such, third-party apps have created platforms for tracking player information rather than waiting for Valorant’s system.

To start using Valorant trackers, you must download and authorize the app. Riot Games will enlist what they call “authorizations,” which will ensure the safety of your account while giving access to various aspects of it within Valorant and the stat tracker.

Our team has compiled a list of the 5 best Valorant trackers and assessed their features. I hope you find this information helpful as you search for a new stat tracker for Valorant!

Top 5 Best Valorant Trackers

1. Tracker.gg

Tracker.gg’s highlight recorder—created in collaboration with Overwolf—allows you to relive important points in a round and analyze how you may have finished the match.


Tracker.gg is similar to Blitz.gg, but it has more capabilities that make it more comprehensive.

It gives detailed data for each part of the game. It’s simple to read and provides a detailed summary of your performance, which is especially useful for those who want a quick and easy method to analyze their metrics.

Tracker.gg now has a mobile app, which gives you flexible and varied access to your information while you’re not at your computer.

How to use and Install Valorant Tracker?

Step 1: First, open the official website of Tracker.gg


Step 2: You need to download the app for your PC, and click on “Get the App“. Then click on “Download Now” It will start downloading and you require to install it by opening the installer file.


Step 3: Select your preferred language then accept the terms and conditions then “Next

Step 4: You need to follow the wizard instructions to complete the installation. Once it will be installed on your PC, you will get a “Launch” Button. You can run it from here, and it will automatically add a shortcut icon on the desktop.


The Tracker will allow you to watch Match history, Performace, Weapons, Maps, Agents, and Live Matches.

2. Blitz.gg

Blitz.gg offers an in-game agent statistics overlay that calculates which agents are the most effective for you. A map tab includes the maps you play on the most. You may get information about KDA ratio, victory %, and first blood rate, which might help you decide which agent to use.


It also features callouts for each map in the rotation, so even if you don’t have time to learn everything, it’s still there when you need it.

Blitz.gg features guidelines for every difficulty level, so you can identify your weaknesses and discover a guide to help you overcome them, whether you’re attacking or defending. The tabs make it simple to sort through stuff.

It offers an overlay featuring post-match highlights and individual performances from both sides throughout all of your games. It allows you to get as big of an edge as possible in order to continue progressing.

3. Spike Stats- Valorant Tracker (Android/iOS)

Spike Stats is a free and available app for tracking Valorant statistics; it is published for Android and iPhone devices and shows comparable statistics to the PC version. Players may view their personal profile, match history, and statistics via Spike Stats. To provide useful new information, such as performance averages and trends, it makes use of and analyses the data in the official Valorant API.

Spike Stats

4. Dak.gg

Dak.gg is a third-party stat tracker that works nearly identically to Blitz.gg, with the main distinction being that it is browser-based. To view all of your stats and information, sign in to your Riot Games account and make your profile public.


Dak.gg’s website contains basically the same metrics as Blitz, with a few obvious exceptions: there is no in-game overlay because Dak.gg is browser-based, and there is no built-in in-game recorder for highlights and whatnot.


The numbers on Dak.gg are more comprehensive than those on Blitz, so you receive a detailed stat sheet on things like headshot percentages, win rate kills, and other things. However, Dak also lets you break these categories down to see where you need to make improvements. When your game is done, hop over to Dak and categories like wins and losses overall, whether you’re on Binder/Ascent or not.

5. Mobalytics

Mobalytics is an automated Valorant tracker that provides you with real-time stats, match history, and personalized in-game tips and tutorials. It also offers guides on weapons, agents, skills, and maps.


Mobalytics has a strong analytical background, allowing it to provide useful personal statistics and tips for improvement. It also tracks nearly everything that happens during and after the game and transcribes it into data that is easy to understand.


Mobalytics’ website and app are also very well-designed and easy to navigate. They provide a lot of information about Valorant, which can help new players get an idea of what type of experience they’re in for. The site also has a blog full of guides and tips for improving your gameplay as well as news updates from time to time.

Which Valorant Trackers Should You Choose?

Tracker.gg combines the features of Blitz and Dak to create a satisfying middle ground between the two. 

However, if you’re looking for a robust yet user-friendly interface, we think that Blitz.gg and Dak.gg offer a wonderful combination of functionality. There isn’t just one stat-tracking platform that works well for all gamers. We believe that combining the two of them would be ideal.

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