Best Streaming Services You Have Never Heard Of

In the past decade, the streaming industry has witnessed a major rise. Several new sites have been introduced and brought with them popular titles of one of the biggest hits. The success of top streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and such prompted multiple other companies to follow their suit. However, they have also been struggling to gain the attention of the masses. These underrated streaming services are yet to become a household name but they host an impressive library of quality programs. 

Best Streaming Services

We know that you must be unaware of these streaming services and because of this, we have put together a list of all those best streaming sites you probably have never heard of. 

Before we walk you through these sites, you need to first get your essentials ready for it. One of such is definitely a stable internet connection. Watching a movie requires high-speed internet without worries about data limits. Imagine binge-watching a TV show and just when you are at the last episode and in your feels, your internet begins to start acting up. Exactly for times like this, we recommend getting a subscription to Spectrum internet due to its commendable superfast connectivity and uncapped data allowance, which is of course what every viewer wants. 

So, now that you are prepared to start using a streaming service without any obstacles, let’s take a deep dive into the list of all the underrated yet incredible sites on which you can watch the content of your favorite genre. 


Yes, as the name suggests, this streaming service is dedicated to horror content. It is created by the people of AMC Networks and it is a pure blessing for all those horror fans who have been desperately waiting for a site that could satisfy their craving for spooky content. 

You can find a wide range of content on this platform from olden times like The Wicker Man (1975) or A Woman’s Touch (2011). And before you ask, no, it is not limited to movies only. You can find some really good TV shows that have gained massive attention in a decade or perhaps four. 

We all know that the horror genre has lately been blessing our screens with not only full-on franchises like The Conjuring, Insidious, Paranormal Activity but also the remakes of classics like Carrie, Child’s Play. The list is not limited to these blockbusters only. In fact, the Indie films industry is testing the waters of this genre, and mind if we say that they are pretty successful in this.

At only $4.99 for a whole month, you can enjoy all these titles and much more exciting content on your desktop, smartphone, Apple TV, Xbox One, etc., But wait till you hear this next part. You can use this streaming service for free if you simply go to its official website. 

ALLBLK (Urban Movie Channel)

Formerly known as Urban Movie Channel. ALLBLK is created by the founder of BET; Robert L. Johnson. This amazing platform is solely dedicated to featuring entertainment content that is designed for and created by Black Americans. It was relaunched back in 2015 with the new name. 

As this streaming service specializes in content for the Black audience, it hosts a large library of Allblk originals and content that has already been aired on the TV. You can find yourself more than 250 movies and amazing TV series as well. Not only this but there are also stand-up comedies from famous and well-known comedians like Kevin Hart, D.L. Hughley, and many more. 

At only $4.99 per month, you can watch everyone’s favorite Viola Davis featuring one of her best roles. The bottom line is, that this Black-centric streaming service is definitely going to be our go-to option whenever we want to watch one of the greatest programs of all time. 

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Warner Archive

For all the old-school fans, Warner Archive is going to be perfect for you. This streaming service is more or less a movie-studio-based service. It focuses on the titles that have been released under the production of Warner Bros. Warner Archive is your door to the past as it walks you through all the old classic feature films and TV shows. 

At only nine dollars per month, you can find more than 800 feature films ranging from the 1920s to the 1990s. You can easily find masterpieces like Bombshell, Wait Until Dark, Mrs. Miller, and many more. However, don’t expect an extensive list of TV shows because this site gives you the option of only more than twenty series. But it includes classic sitcoms like Eight Is Enough and primetime soaps such as Falcon Crest.


Here is an exciting entry for all Korean fans, this streaming service specializes in movies, music, and other content that comes directly from Korea. All the content featured on this site comes with English subtitles so you can enjoy the popular and oh-so-fantastic content without any language barrier. 

This streaming service can be used for free, but only if you don’t mind watching ads. However, for ad-free content, there is a Plus Plan that only costs you $6.99 for a month. Moreover, there is also a Premium Option that allows you to watch a larger variety at ten dollars only. We think it is a pretty good investment, considering what you get in return.

So, don’t wait any longer because now you can enjoy all the entertaining content from Korea by simply using this highly underrated streaming site. 

Key Takeaway

Well, there you go, folks. These aforementioned streaming services might be the ones that you have never heard of but we are sure you are going to thank us for introducing you to these platforms. You can pick one that speaks the most to you and start watching your favorite content from today.

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