Top 5 Spy Apps to Spy on Cheating Spouse for Android Remotely and Effortlessly

A cheating spouse presents a very real and hard to deal with the problem to anyone. It is a bad situation any man or woman can find themselves in. There was a time where you would be helpless but now there is a real way to catch someone by learning how to spy on your cheating spouse cell phone.

The best way to go about spying on a cell phone would be through the use of dedicated, legal apps or services made for that particular purpose. One of such apps is Spyier. Spyier is one of the world’s best and leading spy apps and that is why we offer a small Spyier review post for it below.

The Top 5 Spy Apps to Spy on a cheating spouse for Android

1. Spyier

Spyier is the first product on our list and it is also the best one. Spyier has managed to gain the approval of popular tech review websites such as Tom’s Guide and is available in over a hundred countries worldwide. The app is also completely legal and works on both Androids and Apple devices.

The reason for Spyier being number 1 in our list is due to its very user-friendly interface along with effortless working. The app does everything for you; all you have to do is revel in the great array of results that are placed before you. Spyier will help to spy on your cheating spouse cell phone and it works without the need for root or jailbreak on any device.

Spyier works remotely, you don’t need to have the target phone with you for it to work. Some of the features that define Spyier range from Tracking the location of a phone, Reading Text messages, access to call logs and even a keylogger function to further add to your arsenal.

Some of the main features included are:

  • View Call logs
  • Monitor Location of a phone
  • Stealth mode
  • Keylogger feature
  • Social Media monitoring
  • And many more features

How to Spy on a phone remotely and effortlessly with Spyier

Step 1

The user will first have to make an account on the website. This can be done from any web browser you want. Fill out any forms, give details that are asked and pay the Spyier website for the service you subscribe to.

Step 2

For Android Devices

Android device setup is a little different from Apple Setup. The Spyier website will direct you to a file that you will have to install on the device you want to hack or spy on. The file is very small and takes up no space and will not be detectable. No app can work remotely without this step.

For Apple iOS devices

Apple iOS devices are easier to install as they can be done so remotely from your Spyier account. All you need is the cloud account details of the phone or person you want to spy on. Connect the cloud storage account with your Spyier account.

Step 3

That is all you need to do to fulfill the installation process. Now you can start your tracking after waiting for a few minutes for the app to start running.

All that is left is to sit back and monitor the updates or location, calls, messages, and more via the comfort of your Spyier dashboard. Open up your Spyier account on any browser to receive the power to catch a cheating spouse.

2. Minspy

Minspy is the biggest competitor to Spyier right now. This is mainly due to the fact that Minspy offers just as many features along with an easy to work with app. It has enjoyed great success recently.

Minspy will allow users to catch a cheating spouse by monitoring their whereabouts, viewing the files they send or receive and even the ability to view browser history. The app works remotely, so you don’t need to be in possession of a phone to spy on it. Minspy is very accommodating to the needs of a user.

The foothold Minspy has over the Spy app market right now cannot be understated. This app will deliver exceptional results in great accuracy. A great choice to spy with on anyone you may suspect ill from.

3. Spyine

Spyine is another fantastic option to use as a spying tool against an unfaithful partner. It is a more upcoming app that has managed to find its way in our top 5 list through achieving success of more recent time.

Spyine contains a very good set of features that can be used to spy on someone. You get the usual ability to track someone by their phone location and also the ability to read suspect’s Whatsapp messages as well as other social media monitor features.

It needs online connectivity to work remotely. It is a great choice to use this as a tool for spying. Spyine will probably be able to gain even more popularity in the times to come.

4. Spyic

At number four in our list, comes a fairly common and familiar name in the world of Spyware apps. Spyic is a rather famous app which has millions of downloads done worldwide and has managed to please many customers as well.


Through Spyic you will be able to spy on anyone you want to without any hindrance or fatigue done to yourself. The app carries its own weight and will deliver to you fantastic spying features and even better results. Track a phone, view call history or even set up geofence alerts, Spyic works wonders.

Spyic is a trusted app which will not let you down. Its wide array of features with a very easy to use online portal will come in handy for anyone.

5. Neatspy

Neatspy takes up the last spot on our list. It is a miracle how Neatspy continues to pop up in every argument with Spy apps even after all this time. This is one of the first apps of such a nature and has revolutionized the way spying works.

Catching a cheater is quite easy with the Neatspy service. Simply register with the Service and sit back and wait for the app to do all the heavy lifting for you. View anyone’s dirty secrets from their Text Messages, Social media messages and even track them and where they go.

Neatspy is a trusted app that has proven the test of time over and over again. It will surely not let anyone who picks it down.


There was a time when the question of how to spy on your cheating spouse cell phone would have yielded very confusingly and hard to implement results but not anymore. There are plenty of apps as stated above that can easily spy on any device.

Spyier is the best, quickly followed by Minspy in the spy world. The other apps are very close in terms of performance and features as well. We offered a Spyier review post above to further illustrate the best app’s power.

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