10 Best Live Streaming Software in 2024 (Free)

Live Steaming Software is the most convenient option for those who want to go live on the streaming website. It gives you the best functionality that steaming demands, allows you to configure your screen, set up themes, and can be done on several websites at the same time.

If you’re searching for the best live streaming software, you’re in the right spot, in this article we’re talking about the top 10 best live streaming software. So read our detailed post, and you’re going to get the best live streaming service.

Top 10 Best Live Streaming Software

Here you going to get the most popular 10 best live streaming software, and you can do live streaming on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and other social media.

No.Streaming SoftwarePrice
1.OBS StudioFree
2. VidBlasterXPaid
3.vMixFree and Paid
6.Streamlabs OBSFree and Premium
7.XSplit BroadcasterPaid
8.Stream ProFree
9.Restream StudioFree and Paid
10. SplitCamFree

1. OBS Studio

First of all, we are talking about OBS Studio. OBS Studio it’s one of the most popular and trusted live streaming software. If you use OBS Studio you can do live streaming. OBS Studio provides you some special features like, webcams, capture cards, video recording, chroma-key (green screen) and you can switch between multiple sources.

The OBS Studio user interfaces so user friendly, and the OBS Studio’s every features you can use easily. When you use the OBS Studio and if you face any type of problem, then the OBS Studio provides you a solution. Most people use OBS Studio because you can go quickly live on Facebook or YouTube and you record the live streaming video.

If you use Windows, macOS, or Linux operating system, you can install the OBS Studio. The OBS Studio required a minimum of 2 core processors, but they are recommended 5 core processors for fast live streaming. The OBS Studio recommended a DirectX 10 capable graphics card and for the Ram, they have required a minimum of 4 GB Ram, but if you use 8 GB Ram then you will get better performance from live streaming. The OBS Studio free for you.

Complete Installation Tutorial

 2. VidBlasterX

VidBlasterX is live streaming software, if you use the VidBlasterX software you can do record the live streaming video and you can do video routing and you can control the display output on a monitor of your choice.

If you use Windows operating system, the VidBlasterX live streaming software will be compatible with your PC, but if you are a macOS user then the VidBlasterX live streaming not will be compatible, you need to choose another live streaming software. 

VidBlasterX Price 

VidBlasterX it’s a premium live streaming software and they have some premium subscription plan.

  • The VidBlasterX Home Version 7 modules yearly subscription only for 9 dollars.
  • The VidBlasterX Studio Version 25 modules yearly subscription only for 99 dollars.
  • The VidBlasterX Broadcast Version 100 simultaneous modules yearly subscription only for 999 dollars. This version also supports multiple recorder & streamer features.  

3. vMix

vMix is one of the most popular and powerful live streaming software. If you use vMix live streaming software you will get special features like you can send and receive HD low latency video and audio, 4K resolution video recording feature, and you can save any type of file format videos like mp4, AVI, WMV, and MOV.

If you are a windows user, you can install the vMix live streaming software. If you are a macOS user you have to follow some technique for installing the vMix live streaming software.

vMix live streaming software price: 

vMix live streaming software available some different type of package, but you can use it freely the basic version of vMix software almost free.   

vMix software package list:

  • Basic (free)
  • Basic HD ($60)
  • HD ($350)
  • 4K ($700)
  • Pro ($1200)

4. Wirecast

Wirecast it’s one of the most popular live broadcasting software and the Wirecast software support recording streams locally. The Wirecast software provides you with Capture Card, NDI, Wirecast Go, Webstream IP sources, GPU accelerated encoding, Pro Audio FX Builtin, Multi-channel audio ingest, Instant replay, RTMP, RTP multi+unicast, and Green screen features.

Wirecast pricing:

Wirecast right now they have available two versions live broadcasting software.

1. Wirecast Studio this version price $599

2. Wirecast Pro this version price $799

5. FFmpeg

FFmpeg it’s an open-source broadcasting software and this software is very simple. The FFmpeg supports Windows, macOS, Linux operating system, and also the FFmpeg software freely you can download. The FFmpeg software provides you multiple encoding configurations.


  • Free to download
  • Support multiple operating systems
  • Easy to use interface

6. Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is one of the most popular free open-source broadcasting software, this software free to you can download and use. The Streamlabs OBS provides you editing and multicasting live streaming features and the Streamlabs OBS software if you use, then you do broadcast live on YouTube, Facebook Twitch. If you use Windows, macOS, or Linux operating system The Streamlabs OBS software you can use easily.


  • Free and Premium
  • Easy to customizable themes
  • Support multi-streaming
  • Layout editor
  • Selective recording
  • Replay buffer

7. XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit it’s broadcasting live software. The XSplit broadcasting lives software to provide you Broadcaster, Vcam, and Connect Webcam three types of feature. If you use the Windows operating system then you can use the XSplit software. If you are a macOS user you can’t use XSplit software. Also, the XSplit software provides you Live Streaming and recording tools and 24/7 support.

XSplit pricing:

The XSplit software is a premium software, right now XSplit software available in 4 types of premium package.

  • 3 Month $24.95
  • 12 Month $59.95
  • 36 Month $149.95
  • Lifetime $199.00

8. StreamPro

StreamPro it’s a free live streaming software. If you use StreamPro software you can customize the StreamPro tools. If you use the windows operating system you can install the StreamPro live streaming software. StreamPro it’s a free live streaming software you can download and use it freely.

9. Restream Studio

The Restream Studio simulcasting broadcasting software, If you want to broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter you can easily broadcast your video. If you are using Windows, macOS, or Linux operating system, you can easily install the Restream Studio live streaming software. If you use Restream Studio live streaming software you will get some special features like multistreaming capabilities, boosting engagement, audience interaction, Peer-to-peer streaming support.

Restream Studio pricing:

Restream Studio has a free version and they are available premium version.

  • Free $0 months
  • Standard $16 month
  • Professional $41 month
  • Premium $83 month
  • Business $249 month

 10. SplitCam

SplitCam it’s one of the most popular live broadcasting software, If you use Windows or macOS operating system you can easily use the SplitCam software. The SplitCam live broadcasting software you can download and install easily. The SplitCam live broadcasting software provide you with Split streaming, Audio and video mixing, a wide range of capabilities, HD live streaming features.

Keep in mind that this steaming service needs the fastest internet access to a reliable PC. In case you are running a game or video stream over a slow internet connection, play it at HD resolution (high quality). It takes a lot of system power if you do that. Upgrading to a low-end system will offer you noticeable benefits, but a mid-range system will not.

We have covered free and premium steaming software, now it depends on you which one you prefer to use. If you pay for it then you will get premium features or you can also try free software to test your streaming.

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