5 Best iOS 16 Launchers for Android (APK Download)

Are you seeking the perfect iOS 16 Launcher or Themes pack for your Android phone? Apple just updated iOS 16 with amazing features, and Android users want to experience it without an iPhone, which is only possible with an iOS Launcher installed on your smartphone.

We tested these Launchers and discovered that they worked perfectly on every Android phone. There are choices available to Android users who want to sample iOS 16 but don’t want to spend the money on a new iPhone or iPad. Here are the top Android launchers for running iOS apps on your phone.

Best iOS 16 Launchers for Android

Best iOS 16 Launchers for Android phones (2022)

1. Launcher iOS16

The Launcher iOS16 is a free app downloaded over 50 million times. It has a 4.7-star rating and works with Android 4.2 and higher. The next launcher stands out from the competition thanks to its unique features:

iOS 16 Launcher
  • Make folders to keep your apps and files more organized than ever.
  • Create shortcuts for your most frequently used apps and websites.
  • Add widgets to your page for easy access to weather forecasts, news stories, or calendar events.


2. Control Center IOS 16

iOS 16 Launcher

The Android launcher Control Center 16 resembles the iOS launcher in appearance. It offers a straightforward design with room for customization so you can enhance your usage.

This app is one of the most excellent launchers on Google Play because it’s straightforward to use, and you can instantly access many settings and apps through the control center like an iPhone.


3. Launcher iPhone

iOS 16 Launcher

This launcher for iOS 16 on Android is called Launcher iPhone. It has many exciting features, such as:

  • A movable dock can be organized into various sections of the app drawer and displays all of your apps at once (e.g., all games, productivity tools, etc.)
  • A configurable app drawer lets you categorize your apps alphabetically or into multiple categories (e.g., games, movies, and TV shows).


4. iOS16 launcher – iLauncher

iOS16 launcher – iLauncher is an Android launcher that resembles iOS 16. It offers many features, including a 3D dock, widgets in the style of iOS 16, and icon packs. It also features many themes and backgrounds, making it ideal for personalization.

iOS 16 Launcher

You can get it for free! You don’t need to spend money to utilize this software because it delivers everything for free.


5. X Launcher

In contrast to the previous launchers discussed here, X Launcher is a launcher that resembles iOS 13 and intends to make your Android phone appear to be an iPhone. But this program offers more than just a straightforward launcher; it also has several helpful components.

iOS 16 Launcher

The most significant advantage of using X Launcher is that you can utilize it as a home screen widget. You can put this widget wherever you want on your screen as long as there is enough room for it and no other apps are open (if an app is running in the background). As a result, X Launcher may be the best option if you want more than just adding icons to your home screen.


Is iOS Faster than Android?

iOS is a more secure operating system than Android, and it loads and runs quicker and smoother than an Android phone. iOS was created only for Apple iPhones and cannot be loaded on Android phones. However, you may utilize iOS launchers.

Can you use iPhone 14 theme on Android?

Yes, this is doable because there are several iOS Launchers available on Google Play that you can download and customize to look like an iPhone 14. You may use the same features as in iOS 16, such as Dynamic Island and Control Center.


Which is the best among these iOS 16 Launchers for Android? Your needs determine that. It is essential to remember that all these launchers are excellent for Android users, and you can utilize them alongside your default home screen. We suggest experimenting with a couple of them to discover which ones suit you the best before continuing.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for other launchers.

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