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best free screen recorder

Ever wanted to record your PC screen or even your mobile device? Do you need to record an online training course, do a video tutorial, record an online conference, or even capture incoming calls from Skype? You will certainly need a dedicated application so that you can do it in a practical way and have a good result. In fact, Windows 10 has its own program. But there are some limitations that are frustrating. 

To help you find the best screen recorder, we have compiled 7 platforms to record screens for free today. Check out the list below with several options – most of them entirely free. 

List of Best Free Screen Recording Software macOS

We’ve covered one of the best free screen video recording apps for a variety of platforms. You can use it to record the screen of your Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS system. There are no payments to pay.

1: OBS Studio (Windows | MacOS | Linux)


OBS Studio, short for Open Broadcaster Software, is a screen recorder widely used in the setting of live broadcasts, especially for those who make lives on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and others.

It is entirely free but not very intuitive for new users. Fortunately, the software itself offers guides and a help area on its website to help you install and configure everything.

In addition, because it is extremely popular, there are actually many videos available on YouTube with practical tricks and tips for getting the best results.

In addition to recording the PC screen and making live streams, it is possible to configure which tracks and audio devices you want to capture, create multiple scenes with different projectors, and even add your webcam while recording the PC screen.

The software is not heavy and even allows you to set the recording quality level, which can help a lot when saving storage space and even when you are going to edit the recorded videos.

2: RecordCast Screen Recorder (web application)


RecordCast Screen Recorder is designed for anyone who is eager to record computer screen and editing videos without downloading any other program. But don’t be intimidated. Even if you are a professional, your software is extremely intuitive, and you will be able to capture your PC screen with just a single click.

In the program, it is possible to configure the capture area and record settings, record the computer screen and webcam simultaneously, edit the recording with its built-in video editor, and ensure impeccable video quality.

RecordCast is also entirely free. As it is a web-based tool, it doesn’t require you to download any software to your computer, saving much space for you. Whatever you use Windows or Mac, it doesn’t matter. You aren’t be asked to download any plugin neither. All recording and video editing will be processed online for free with no advertising and watermark. 

3: CamStudio (Windows)


On the other hand, CamStudio is open-source software that is a little old, available only for Windows computers. It enables you to record both audio and video from your computer and save the files in. AVI format.

In addition, it is possible to convert your. AVI files to SWFs through the SWF producer integrated into the tool. That way, you can compress the final result and turn them into lighter videos without significant loss of quality.

CamStudio is entirely free and really practical for those looking for something simple, but that delivers what it promises.

4: QuickTime Player (Mac)


QuickTime Player is a multimedia application pre-installed on the Mac developed by Apple. You can use QuickTime to play media files and record videos on the screen. In fact, you can record not only the screen of the Mac but also the screen of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

It’s free and easy to record on your Mac with QuickTime. However, like other screen recorders, QuickTime recording is not always perfect. You can still find many QuickTime errors that don’t work on Mac. You can also take screenshots on your Mac Machine.

For those who own an Apple computer, know that you don’t need to install anything additional to record the screen, just use QuickTime, native software for the operating system. To learn how to do this, just check out the official tutorial available on the Apple website.

5: EaseUS RecExperts (Windows| MacOS)

EaseUS RecExperts supports recording on desktop screens and webcam. It is software that allows you to select a range from full screen, selection range, preset, add webcam image, etc. and record the screen.

If you use the automatic stop function, you can finish recording in a specified time, add annotations such as objects and texts being recorded, and save still images. Recorded videos are displayed in the recording list and can be previewed, compressed, edited, etc.

This software is shareware, but you can try it for free. In the trial version, the recording is only for 2 minutes. There are restrictions such as adding a watermark (logo) to the video, not being able to edit or compress the video, and not being able to use the task scheduler.

6: AZ Screen Recorder (Android)

For those looking for a way to record the screen of your smartphone, know that this is also possible and can be done through dedicated or native applications, depending on your device’s operating system.

On Android, we recommend that you download the AZ Screen Recorder application. It already has more than 50 million installations and 1.3 million reviews, remaining with a score of almost five stars on Google Play.

The application is extremely intuitive and works with essentially any Android device, and offers multiple advanced features for free.

7: Screen Recorder for iOS

For those on Apple devices, there is a native solution that can help you record the cell phone screen for those who have devices with iOS 11 or higher.

To do this, you must access the Screen Recording tool through the Settings application, selecting the Control Center menu. That way, you are allowed to capture your phone’s screen without difficulty and without having to install third-party applications.


When you need to capture online games or YouTube videos on Windows and Mac, you can use some free screen recorders to get the videos you want. There are so many options. You may know how to choose the desired one according to your requirement through this article.

Choose the recorders to capture on-screen activities for free, such as on-screen videos, webcam images, voice-over microphone, system audio, and more other files with ease. RecordCast should always be a better screen recorder alternative for Windows and Mac to achieve videos with impressive effects. 

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