Benefits of Using Blank Text for Document Security

Document security refers to taking a number of steps such as using blank text or password protection to protect your crucial personal or business documents from unauthorized access. 

By taking steps like using blank text for document protection, users can restrict access to the documents while preventing the essential information from being leaked or stolen. There are a number of useful benefits for document security. 

In this article, we will be discussing the most useful ones. But before heading towards the benefits, let us first what actually is blank text.

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What is blank text?

Basically, blank text on Invisible character is Unicode characters that look like as empty spaces, or null characters. Blank text is usually used to insert a blank character without using the “Space” key, but it will actually look like a space to the reader. 

Moreover, it is also used to protect crucial data from third-party access by inserting blank spaces in the document, password, or any other information. There are a number of reliable and free tools available online available on the internet that allows users to quickly create blank text for maximum document security. 

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Benefits of Blank Text for Document Security

We know, there is a long list of benefits of using blank text document security, but we have come up with ones that are most notable ones. 

1. Improved data encryption

One of the most notable benefits of using blank text for document security is improved data encryption. By adding null characters or blank spaces in the data you can protect it from authorizing access.

Inserting blank text will add complexity to the document, making it difficult for the cracker to decode it.

Tip: You should consider adding invisible character in different variations. For instance, if you have added a blank space after two words in a sentence, then in the next sentence you can consider adding a null character after 3 words. In simple you need to keep changing the pattern of inserting blank text. 

2. Data Masking

Since blank texts are blank spaces and characters, they can also be used to hide sensitive information within a document. 

For instance, if your document contains sensitive information about the credit card numbers of different employees, then you should replace the sensitive data with invisible character to protect it from hackers. 

In the scenario above, you can replace specific card numbers such as “0” with blank text. This will only allow your employee and customers to understand where you have used the null character. 

3. Maximum password protection

This is the most widely known benefit of using blank text. Password protection requires a password to open a document. This prevents the document from being accessed by unauthorized persons. 

And using blank texts while creating passwords for essential documents can greatly maximize the password protection process. 

For example, if you have created a password for a document, “Jenny 009”, and the space between “Jenny” and “009” is blank text. So, in case your password gets leaked, the hacker will still not be able to open it, since he/she will use the “space” button without having any idea that you have added a blank character not “space”. 

4. Less chances of data leakage

The blank text acts as a barrier to accidental data leakage. When uploading or sharing sensitive data across the internet, then using invisible character instead of actual data can prevent accidental data leakage due to human error. 

5. Data Anonymization

Last but not least, utilizing blank text in important documents also helps in hiding personal information. By replacing identifiable data with blank characters, users can make the data anonymous, while ensuring maximum privacy. 


There is no doubt security should be the forefront priority for everyone who is dealing with documents containing sensitive information about people, customers, family, or employees. Using a blank is considered of the best practices for maximizing document security. 

Above, we have discussed some of the most notable benefits of using blank that will encourage you to consider inserting blank characters in important personal or business documents.  


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