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Beatleap is still making waves among digital marketers and social media enthusiasts. But the application was made with iOS in mind. Can it work on a PC? If not, is there a way to circumvent this limitation? 

What is Beatleap?

Beatleap is the brainchild of Lightricks, the company responsible for Photofox and FaceTube. They joined forces with Epidemic Sound to create an editing application that allows consumers to add sound clips to videos.

The program uses machine learning to apply music to video content. If you frequently share video content on social media, but you hate the time it takes to add audio to video footage manually, you will love Beatleap.

You don’t need video or audio editing experience to use the tool. It does most of the heavy lifting. You can merge audio and video content by clicking a few buttons. The application will do the difficult work of syncing the music to your footage. 

The process is seamless. If you want to trim, cut, and mix, Beatleap has features that perform these functions. The most challenging aspect is selecting a piece of music to use.

Once you’re done, you can use the preview component to scrutinize the final product. This allows you to make changes before you export the video. The application’s features are wide-ranging, including:

1). Beatleap has a library of more than one thousand songs for consumers to use.

2). You don’t have to export the video to another editing program once you add the sound clips. Beatleap has filters that users can apply to their footage. You can use these overlays and filters to finetune the video. Professionals will appreciate the 20 editing tools on offer.

They have also praised the 50 filters the editor brings to the table. You can personalize each video to match your unique preferences. 

3). The application will insert the best video effects at the perfect moments. 

4). Beatleap uses the beat of the track you’ve selected to trim, cut, and mix audio clips. 

As you can see, it doesn’t take an expert to produce professional video footage with Beatleap. It automates most of the critical processes. 

File Size94MB
PlatformiPad, iPhone
Developed byLightricks Ltd.
CategoryVideo editor

How To Use Beatleap On Windows and macOS?

Beatleap has one primary weakness. It only works on iOS. Therefore, you can’t use it on your PC or Android device. If you have a Mac, you have the same problem.

Apple computers with the M1 processor can run iOS apps. But ordinary Macs don’t have this option. This raises a question. Can you run Beatleap on a PC or Mac? Yes, you can. The process involves the following:

1. Download Emulator

Find an emulator you trust. Make sure the emulator is compatible with the machine you want to use, i.e., PC or Mac. Most people will use BlueStacks because it is the most popular emulator in the world. But you can use any emulator you like.

2. Install Emulator

Install the emulator on your machine. Usually, this is a simple matter of agreeing to the emulator’s terms and clicking ‘Next’ until the installation starts.

3. Launch Emulator

If the emulator installs successfully, launch it by double-clicking the icon on the desktop. 

4. Download Beatleap

If you selected an emulator that can run iOS apps on your device, it will give you access to the App Store. Use the App Store to find and download Beatleap.

5. Install Beatleap

Install the application within the emulator. 

6. Launch Beatleap

When the installation finishes, you can launch Beatleap the same way you would on an iOS device.

Beatleap PC

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Beatleap is very convenient. You can use the app’s AI to add audio clips to video content. However, it only works on iOS. This isn’t a problem if you have an iPad or a Mac with an M1 processor. 

If you have a PC, look for an emulator. Don’t trust any website offering a Windows version of Beatleap. Lightricks doesn’t have a Windows-compatible version of Beatleap.

Their app can only run on iOS and Macs with M1 processors. Any version of Windows-compatible Beatleap you encounter is most likely a virus or malware in disguise.

If you’re determined to use a PC, look for an emulator that allows iOS applications to run on a Windows machine. 


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