Top 12 Apps for YouTube music

YouTube Music Apps: YouTube Music one of the best platform for listing songs/music. It has all kind of songs collection across the world even you don’t need to pay for it. Get millions of songs for free.

Nowadays famous music company uploads their songs, album on YouTube because YouTube has become one of the best platforms for music, as you know T Series is word biggest music production company, recently it crossed 100Million Subscribe on YouTube, their all songs upload on Youtube.

YouTube has a huge audience who wants to listen to all kind of songs and music but there is a problem we cannot play Youtube videos in the background of Smartphone.

We have got some best Apps for YouTube Music so that you could listen to your music hassle-free, get downloading option even you can play songs in the background, no tricky required. These apps let you download music, songs and provide the option to play in background music.

Best Apps for YouTube Music download for Android

We have picked the best YoTube Music apps to play songs and music in the background hassle-free.

1. YouTube Music

This is one of the best application, YouTube Music developed by Google LLC and it the original application which is secure, you can make your own playlist, download free YouTube Music app and get many more features and listen to songs for free, no need to pay for it.

Apps for YouTube music
YouTube Music Apps

Get playlist and recommendation served on your taste and play trending songs.

You will get to download YouTube Music free for a month after that you have to pay for it just $9.99 month, you have to pick premium version where you can download music and play in the background, no ads get a clean interface.

Who has already received a 30 days trial are not eligible

Download YouTube Music App

2. NEwPipe

NewPipe a freeware application that offers you to play music in the background, it is the lightweight YouTube fronted for Android User, the alternative of YouTube Music.

This app is free and open-source, we could say it comes with desktop version mode this application select YouTube website URL and show you in application mode.

Listen to songs in the background with NewPipe, this app comes totally free, no need to pay for it from your pocket and easy to use as well as user-friendly if you want to try another one check out once.

App Features

  • Freeware application no need to pay
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can create your own playlist
  • Play songs in the background
  • No need Google Play Services
  • Lightweight application
  • Open-source application

Download NewPipe

3. OG YouTube

This is the another best application for playing music in the background. If you are looking forward to the YouTube mode app then it will be perfect.

movie download app

OG YouTube is the mod application of YouTube and it comes with amazing features like Dark Mode, ads-free interface, Play Videos in the background but this application has been not developed by YouTube LLC instead of a third-party developer, you will never get official YouTube Support.

This application only comes for Android User. If you are ios user then it does not work on iPhone, OGYouTube hasn’t created for iPhone yet. OGYouTube offers all features which YouTube offers, get to see all features and sing up your account with it and you can use it.

Amazing features can make popular and OG YouTube Provides you best.

App Features

  • Play Songs in Background: this is the best feature of OGYouTube, whenever you want, you can play music in the background.
  • Freeware: No need to pay for it, use it free for a lifetime.
  • Video Downloading: You will be able to download videos directly through OGYouTube.
  • YouTube Similar: Get all kind of Features which YouTube provides you.
  • Easily available anywhere.
  • Supports: you can run OGYouTube 4.4+ Android Platform
  • No Ads: you will never get ads

Download OGYouTube


Lightweight application, iTube is a fantastic app for playing YouTube videos without downloading and save them, no need to use like YouTube just use iTube.

One of the best features of iTube, you can watch videos or play songs in the background without wasting resources, watch the video of your favorite channel whenever you want.

iTube gets rind of all the ads, no need to watch hesitate ads, just get them clean and free interface. This app could be the perfect alternative of YouTube Musci, check out once.

App Features

  • Freeware application no need to pay
  • Get zooming option and make your video clear
  • Make your own playlist
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • The alternative of YouTube music

Download iTube

5. YouTube Vanced

Get another choice for YouTube Music, This is the forked version of Original YouTube app, where you can find lots of videos and favorite content and whenever you want to play videos in the background you can and get Dark mode feature which will help you to use it at night.

best youtube music app

One of the best advantage of Youtube Vanced if you are playing video in the background and you turn off your phone screen then it will work perfectly, this application supports turn off screen feature. YT Vanced let you play videos as you play on YouTube.

This application has not developed by YouTube instead of XDA Developer, this app has all core feature and etc.

We could say YTVanced is alternative of YouTube because it comes with similar features as YouTube offers.

App Features

  • No need to watch hesitate ads
  • Get Drak mode option which you can use it at night
  • Play your favorite videos in the background
  • Get theme option
  • You will be able to choose the video quality

Download YouTube Vanced

6. Music Piped

Music Piped is a free and open-source application comes with a full-featured music player that instead of playing local music, get to see amazing features.

YouTube Music Apps

Download music directly from Music Piped and no need to pay for from your pocket because this is a completely free open-source feature no iAP and non-intrusive ads, just you need to search your favorite songs and play.

This app does not come with a video player and due to you cannot play videos only it supports audio formats, it is a fully-featured music player so that you could enjoy your songs in the background.

If you are looking best YouTube music alternative then it will be a perfect fit for your choice, check out once.

App Features

  • Direct download from Google PlayStore.
  • Play song in background
  • No need to watch ads
  • Fast and clean interface
  • Get notification control
  • Freeware application
  • You can use it with a slow internet connection.

Download Music Piped

7. Y Music

Try another best YouTube Music Alternative, Y music comes with an easy and user-friendly interface and it will be totally free so no need to pay for. Play your favorite songs in the background without having hassle.

Y Music you will never get on the Google Play store because it does not follow Google policy and TAC if the app makes violation on Googe PlayStore then Google gets out those apps.

This application developed by XDA Developer and you have to download it from outsources.

App Features

  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • You can play songs in the background
  • Download Music directly into your phone storage
  • Make your playlist with your favorite songs
  • Freeware application with no ads

Download YMUSIC

8. Steam Music

Steam Music Free for Youtube. get another best alternative of YouTube Music, you can make your mood with Steam music, play your favorite songs in the background with Steam music.

Steam music

YouTube does not support playing songs in the background due to terms and conditions and we cannot use it while turning off phone screen but we have solution of this problem with Steam Music, it supports to play songs in the background and similar of YouTube.

It’s let you play millions of songs from YouTube in an easy and simple way.

App Features

  • Freeware application
  • Play Songs in background
  • Alternative of YouTube
  • Easy to use Simple UI

Just you need to swipe your finger from the center of the screen to the button and you want to press, you can pause, resume, and skip your songs.

Download Steam Music

9. YouTube MP3.

Download Lightweight app for playing songs in the background, this app offers you to download videos songs in mp3 format directly into your phone storage. YouTube MP3 comes with simple and easy-to UI. Try Apps for YouTube Music

You will not get to see this app on Google PlayStore, you have to download it from outsources.

YouTube MP3 lets your download millions of songs with a couple of seconds, just you need to sone click and it will be downloadable.

Download YouTube MP3

10. Peggo

Peggo lets you download millions of songs, this application offers you to record the audio from YouTube video in MP3 and save it on your phone storage.

This is the okay app for download songs in MP3 even you can download the whole library on YouTube and SoundCloud, wherever you want you can download with a preggo.

Download Peggo

Best Apps for YouTube Music

1.YouTube Music
3.OG YouTube
5. YouTube Vanced
6. Music Piped
7. Y Music
8. Steam Music
9. YouTube MP3.
10. Peggo

These are the best Apps for YouTube music, which will help you to play music in the background even it works while turn off Android mobile phone, make your playlist with your favorite songs.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any problem to download apps then let us now comment below.

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