10 Best Anime Streaming Apps for Android, iOS FREE (2024)

Anime Streaming apps

Anime is growing in popularity at an unprecedented rate. People that had never even heard of anime a few years ago are suddenly developing an interest in the medium.

Fortunately, the number of anime streaming apps is growing at the same pace. Investors are determined to meet the burgeoning demand for Japanese animated content, which is why they are injecting so much money into anime streaming platforms.

But if you’ve never streamed an anime in your life, you won’t know where to start. To your eyes, all the apps may look the same when, in truth, some are more beneficial than others.

If you need help identifying a suitable streaming app to satisfy your craving for anime, give the following a shot:

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is the king of anime. They have a massive anime library with every genre you can imagine. Yes, you have to pay a subscription fee. But if you don’t have the money, they have a free version. It has ads, but you still get thousands of anime titles for free.

You can filter your searches by genre. You can even trust the app to make recommendations based on your viewing history. This app is worth every penny.

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2. VRV


VRV works on every platform you can think of, including Xbox, Roku, and Apple TV. Rather than streaming anime directly, the application connects viewers to all the major streaming services, including Crunchyroll and Cartoon Hangover. 

Like Crunchyroll, you can watch anime on VRV for free if you’re willing to tolerate the ads. But a premium account will only cost you $10. Therefore, you don’t have to suffer through the ads if you don’t want to.

The app’s biggest weakness is its accessibility. It is only available to users in the US. But a VPN can bypass that restriction.

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3. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

You might be surprised to learn that Amazon streams anime. The platform is trying to outcompete rivals like Netflix, which has a sizeable library of anime. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Amazon is also dipping its toes into the anime waters.

For some people, Amazon is far superior to the likes of Crunchyroll because it streams movies and TV shows. If you have Crunchyroll, you must subscribe to additional streaming services to get movies and TV shows. Amazon gives you a little bit of everything. 

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4. Funimation


Funimation is one of the biggest anime streaming platforms in the world. The app attracts people that prefer dubbed anime. Although, they also offer subbed shows.

You have to pay for Funimation. However, they provide a 14-day free trial. You can take the platform for a spin for two weeks to determine whether or not it is worth the money.

Funimation and Crunchyroll are often pitted against one another. You can’t go wrong with either option.

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5. Anime Lab

Anime Lab

Anime Lab works on everything from PS3, PS4, and iOS to Android, Apple TV, and Sony TV. The platform gives viewers access to both new and old anime. You can even watch episodes offline. The platform has a free version, but it bombards users with ads.

You are better off paying for a premium account. It gives you access to smooth HD streams. At the moment, you cannot get the application outside Australia and New Zealand. But this is not a problem for people with VPNs. 

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6. Netflix


Netflix surprised audiences a few years ago when it decided to invest in anime. They started by streaming popular shows. But then they poured money into new original anime, some of which have gone on to become fan favorites. Today, Netflix is one of the biggest names in anime. 

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7. Anime Zone

Anime Zone is an Android app. This is the platform’s biggest problem. It doesn’t have the same reach as its competitors. But if you have an Android device, this won’t bother you because you can watch anime for free. 

Before you ask, the app doesn’t have ads. They have a diligent development team continuously updating the application to make it sleeker and friendlier. 

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8. Anime and Manga (Amino)

Anime and Manga (Amino)

This platform stands out because it isn’t just an ordinary streaming platform. It also doubles as a social network that connects anime and manga fans. The application is free. Members can share content with each other. 

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9). Anime X Stream

 Anime X Stream

This android application is free. Naturally, you have to put up with ads. But that is not a surprise. This is what most free services do. They use ads to pay for their operations. This one has a user-friendly interface that couldn’t be easier to navigate.

It gives users access to a plethora of movies and anime shows. You can change the resolution to match the limitations of your internet connection. The app’s strongest attraction is the fact that it doesn’t require registration. 

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10. Tubi


Tubi is different because they offer live-action shows and movies. In other words, this is a proper streaming service. They have various anime titles, including films and TV shows. 

However, like Netflix, they provide a more comprehensive array of content. This is appealing to viewers because they don’t have to download multiple applications. They can use Tubi to meet all their entertainment needs. 

Because the app is free, you have to deal with ads. But unlike some of its rivals, Tubi won’t interrupt your viewing experience by overwhelming you with ads. 

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As you can see, you don’t have to spend money to watch anime. Many people feel the need to pirate the anime they watch. They don’t think they have a choice because they cannot afford to spend money on an anime streaming website.

However, most anime streaming platforms offer free accounts. If you don’t mind ads, you can watch as much anime as you want without spending any money.

Even though the ads are annoying, platforms like Crunchyroll are far superior to torrenting websites because they are safe. You don’t have to worry about viruses and malware when you stream anime from Crunchyroll.

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