5 Best Android Emulator for Linux Operating System

Although the number of personal computers running the Linux operating system is very low as compared to the popular personal computer operating systems namely Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS, its users still get to have almost the same privileges with regards to different software to run on the Linux OS.


One such category of software is Android emulators for Linux PCs to facilitate the emulation of Android apps onto a personal computer.

In this article, we look at the 5 best Android emulators for Linux with a complete step-by-step guide on how to install them on a Linux running personal computer.

So if you are a Linux OS user and want to experience Android apps on it, continue reading this article as it is meant for you.

List of 5 Best Android Emulators for Linux

While already there aren’t many Android emulators to choose from for running on a personal computer using Linux, we have narrowed down the top 5 best Android emulators you should know about.

1: Genymotion

Even though that Genymotion is not free and you need to buy this Android emulator, it still is one of the best in the Android emulator’s category for Linux-based PCs.


Not only is it good for use by individuals, but it is also packed with some remarkable features making it the preferred and reliable choice among Android app developers.

On top of everything, the thing that makes Genymotion stand out from the rest is its adaptability to offer configuration for over 3000 virtual Android devices.

Best features of Genymotion emulator

  • It offers the ability to test websites on different browser variants running on different Android devices.
  • Apps can be tested to check whether their functioning gets interrupted due to incoming and outgoing text messages or phone calls.
  • It is an excellent app when it comes to pixels and screen resolutions. This means that it can display anything on your monitor in high quality no matter what the actual size was.
System Requirements
  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04LTS (Focal Fossa) – 64bit only
  • Version: Debian 9 (Stretch) or above – 64bit only
  • Fedora 30 or above – 64bit only
  • Processor: x86_64 CPU, with Intel VT-x/AMD-V/SVM
  • Graphics: Hardware-accelerated GPU
  • Storage: 400 MB disk space
  • RAM: 4GB RAM
  • Software: VirtualBox from your distribution

2: Anbox

The name of this emulator is derived from two words – Android and Box or simply ‘Android in a Box’ and we think that the developers have every right to say it.


The thing that gives Anbox its unique quality is its developer’s purpose to build an emulator that can easily integrate any Android app with a native approach into the main or primary operating system i.e. Linux in this case.

Best features of Anbox emulator

  • Has the option to select various Android versions whether it’s Cupcake or Orea or anything in between.
  • Since it is based on an open-source environment, it gives more freedom to app developers to experiment with their projects.
  • It doesn’t require hardware virtualization to run Android.

3: Android-X86

Android-X86 was one of the initial open-source-based emulators for Android app developers.


Although it requires installation and configuration of Virtual Box sandbox to run, it is still regarded as one of the most reliable and comprehensive Android emulators to test intense apps.

Best features of Android-X86

  • It comes with built-in support for Wi-Fi. And to make it better, you can access and configure the network connections with its user-friendly GUI.
  • It can also be installed as a stand-alone emulating platform by using ISO images. This means you do not need to install and configure the Virtual Box sandbox.
  • For a more optimized experience, it is equipped with default support to adjust the screen resolution to your PC display.

4: ARChon

If you aren’t planning to install a separate emulator but rather go for some other approach, then ARChon is exactly what you might be looking for.


ARChon actually isn’t your regular or traditional emulator.

It is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that supports running .APK files in real-time onto your Chrome browser.

Although it can be regarded as a good emulator, it is still not easy to use as a beginner as it requires performing additional steps such as changing the .APK file to make it compatible with ARChon.

Best features of ARChon

  • No need to install any virtual machine for this emulator as it is an extension for the Google Chrome browser.
  • It is also based on the open-source concept which means app developers can modify it to suit their individual needs.
  • Not suitable if you are looking to carry out extensive tests on your app.

5: Android SDK

Android SDK is one of the best and most preferred choices among professional Android app developers as it offers Google Inc. official documentation and support.

Android SDK

It is known for providing a more professional platform to test, run and experiment with the various stages of Android app development while unleashing the full potential of your Linux PC.

Best features of Android SDK

  • Being an emulator from the developers of the Android platform i.e. Google Inc., it provides documentation and support like no other emulator for Linux systems.
  • It is packed with more features and possibilities to customize and test Android apps.
  • Overall, Android SDK provides a smoother level experience to Android app developers.

Can you run Android on Linux?

Big yes, but there is currently no direct way to download and install Android applications on Linux. To emulate Android features, you need to install a third-party program called an emulator. Thus, you can use Android on your Linux machine at any time.

How to run Android (APK) apps on Linux?

You need first to download and install a stable Android emulator for your operating system, so that you access apps from the Google PlayStore, or you can import those apps from your PC. It’s very easy to execute Android applications on Linux. Using PlayStore for secure and stable updates.

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The primary option for running and checking Android apps on Linux or other operating systems is on an Android emulator. These emulators are great for anyone from game designers to developers to Android aficionados; whether you’re a designer or a programmer, they let you experience the Android world on your desktop. best hope is that you have found the perfect solution for your system.

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