Adobe Premiere Pro Download for Android/iOS

Video editing is a creative activity that requires a significant amount of time and effort in order to create a high-quality piece of material. Premiere Pro allows you to polish your videos and take them to the next level. This is one of the best video editors on the market, designed specifically for filmmakers and videographers.

Adobe Premiere Pro Download for Android

It contains powerful features Animation, Professional color grading, motion graphics effects. You can also download Premiere Pro for Android, some similar apps.

In this article, we will learn how you can access Premiere Pro features on Android smartphones. As you know the video editor is massively popular but still not available for mobile devices, due to high-end system requirements. It’s a powerful video editor that cannot work with any phone OS. 

But the company has a solution: they have released a number of best video editing apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Apps developed with professional functionality advance colour grading, intuitive presents and high quality output. 

You must be eager to know about the best video editing apps which offer you features like Premiere Pro. These tools are easy to download from Google PlayStore or iPhone store, and available free to download, for using premium features you have to pay a cost for that. Without further ado let’s start.

Adobe Premiere Pro – Mobile Editor Download

The editor is powered by Adobe that is released for iPhone and Android. It brings powerful features on your hand, multitrack timeline, graphics, overlay and pan zoom effects. This is a very handy video editor that supports popular social media formats, it enables you to create content like Vloggers, Influencers, Filmmakers, and Pros. And also share direct clips on your social account.

It can quickly organize videos and audios; all you have to do is drag and drop video clips. Use animated titles to improve the quality of your footage; you can express your imagination with this tool to create more entertaining videos.It provides thousands of royalty-free soundtracks and effects, as well as loops, saving you time from having to import them from elsewhere.

In addition, it includes features such as cropping, cut, rotation, video speed, and exposure, and highlighting, as well as panning, and zooming, which you can all find in simple versions of Premiere Pro. It also experience you to AI sound balancing functionality that is powered by Adobe Sensei AI, uses for auto-fucking. 

The biggest flaw of this video editor is that it supports 4K rendering. Using this feature will help you export your project in high-definition (or, to use a specific export resolution of, if you’re shooting in 4K). Hundreds of high-quality names, dynamic logos, overlays, and animated graphics should be developed to gain access to the professional level, and also auto reframe it automatically in the pro edition.

Premiere Pro Phone Features
  • Inbuilt color presents
  • Automatically reframe 
  • Pan and Zoom
  • Auto-ducking
  • Thousands of royalty-free soundtrack
  • 4K supported
  • Advanced color grading
  • Easy to arrange clips
  • Drag and drop function
  • Intuitive presents
  • Multiple layers
  • Animated graphics
  • Direct sharing option
  • Available for iPhone
System Requirements for Windows
  • Processor: Intel 6th Gen or AMD Ryzen 1000 Series or later
  • RAM: Minimum 8GB Ram
  • Operating System: Windows 10 64bit
  • GPU: 2GB
  • Storage: 8GB free disk space
System Requirements for macOS
  • RAM: 8 Gigabyte
  • Operating System: macOSv10.14 or newer
  • Processor: Intel 6th Gen or later 
  • Storage: 8GB
  • GPU: 2GB

Additional details 

Size147 Megabytes(MB)
CategoryVideo editing
Released byAdobe
PlatformWindows/macOS (Premiere Pro) Android/iOS (Rush)

If you want to download video editor for your smartphone then click the below button for Android or iPhone.

Video editor like Premiere Pro for Android

1: Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a popular video editing application available on the mobile store that includes features similar to those found in Adobe Premiere Pro. Chroma Key, 4K resolution, green-screen effects, cinematic transitions, auto-tracking, and blending mode are all included in this editor. If you’re looking for a Premiere Pro-choice, this would be the right option for you.


including useful features like reverse video, voice-over, colorization, and graphics, as well as time, crop, ducking, it has multiple-layer handwriting, and blacklining, it can also slows down, and canning, Kinemaster is a free video editing application, but has a watermark which is part of the paid version, which can be removed with the purchase of the paid plan.

The best part of this video editor is that it is published for iPhone and Android users. So you can download it from trusted stores.

2: PowerDirector

It is yet another reputable video editing program that has been designed for cross-platform use. It includes features such as Adobe Premiere Pro, allowing you to use PC software features on your phone. The company has optimized for better performance while running heavy editing. So you will not be disappointed with this editor.


Furthermore, with the 4K rendering, video stabilization, voice changing, title mixing, chroma and title animation, the video editor offers you have the capacity to slow down or speed up motion, has the capacity to smooth it out and un-out video quality problems, removes shakes, has the capacity to encourage blending methods, and offers social media sharing facilities. It’s a perfect video editor as it is; it can do anything.

Powerdirector is far simpler than the PC version; it provides a clear timeline with a convenient drag-and-drop function, as well as basic features such as precision control of brightness, colour, and saturation, Pip overlays, and hundreds of free templates, filters, and many more.

3. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another common video editing program that is available for a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, iPhone, and Android. However, there will be differences between the PC and smartphone versions; certain functionality will be unavailable in the phone edition. If you’re looking for the perfect option for Premiere Pro, give this one a shot.


It has a clear timeline with pro features, and the main aim of the video editor is to improve video quality so that it can go viral on social media. You can edit videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tik Tok, and Twitter.

This editor provides enough functionality to make simple videos but isn’t highly anticipated, and could even be considered a step below average.

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These are the best Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives for Android and iPhone users; you can find almost all of the same features in the editors listed. If you have any questions about Premiere Pro for Android, please leave it in the comments section.

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