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A decade ago, Adobe flash player was everywhere. You couldn’t make optimal use of the internet without it. But things have changed. Flash player has practically disappeared from the internet. If you need Flash Player today, you have to apply some creativity.

Adobe Flash Player

What is Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe flash player is software that was once vital to an internet user’s ability to view multimedia data. You could also use the program to stream content in a browser. 

It was compatible with every significant graphical and audio format and technology, which is why the software was so widespread. Back then, people called it ‘Future Splash Player.’

When Macromedia bought Future Wave, the company behind Future Splash Player, it changed the name to ‘Macromedia Flash Player.’ A decade later, Adobe bought Macromedia, and ‘Macromedia Flash Player’ became ‘Flash Player.’

Interest in the program persisted because it could execute rich internet applications. While Flash Player could exist independently, it was commonly integrated into web browsers as a plug-in.

For a time, Adobe Flash Player was seemingly unstoppable, present on hundreds of millions of computers around the globe. But then figures like Steve Jobs criticized the software for the many weaknesses and security vulnerabilities experts had discovered over the years.

By 2020, Adobe had discontinued support for Flash Player. You couldn’t even download the program from their website because the company had eliminated the download page from their platform. By 2021, Adobe had started blocking flash content, a move that encouraged developers to remove Flash Player from their browsers. 

Adobe argued that standards like HTML5 had rendered Adobe Flash Player obsolete. The company warned developers and businesses about its intention to disable Flash Player three years before it took action, giving them ample time to adopt new technologies. 

If you visit their flash player page, it will encourage consumers to remove Flash Player from their computers because it poses a security risk. Now that Adobe has discontinued support for the software, you cannot rely on them to provide security patches and updates. Therefore, you can’t trust the program. 

Important Reminder

Adobe Flash Player’s end of life is December 31st, 2020. Please see the Flash Player EOL Information page for more details.

 Flash Player’s end of life

Official Site

Download Adobe Flash Player

How To Install and Use Adobe Flash Player?

The answer to this question is tricky and not quite as straightforward as you may like. This is what you should know:

1. Enabling Flash Player

If you have an older version of Google Chrome, you can enable flash player. Go to ‘Settings,’ ‘Privacy and Security,’ and then ‘Flash.’ Set the toggle to the ‘On’ position to enable flash.

However, Google Chrome doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player. Therefore, if you have an older version of Chrome, go to the settings and disable the function that allows the browser to update automatically. 

If you have a newer version of Google Chrome, look for an older version and install it. Otherwise, updated browsers will block flash.

2. Installing Flash Player

A decade ago, you had the option of visiting Adobe and downloading the installer. You could install the software in minutes by running the installer. Flash would start by checking for updates before initiating the installation process.

Unfortunately, this is no longer an option. You cannot download the software from Adobe because it no longer supports Flash Player. The only way to use Flash Player is to find it on a third-party website.

However, Adobe warns against this practice because unauthorized sources of Flash Player have a reputation for spreading malware and viruses.

This has not stopped people from downloading Flash Player from third-party websites, especially developers. They don’t have a choice. They can’t get Flash Player from an authorized source. 

If you’re determined to get this program from an authorized source, you’re out of luck. There is no authorized source of Flash Player today.

3. Alternatives

You don’t have to use Flash Player. It was discontinued for a reason. Some developers have recommended Ruffle, an open-source flash emulator that works on PC and Mac. You can download the browser extension. It performs every function people associate with Flash Player. 

Another option is the Adobe Flash Player Projector Content Debugger, a standalone application that can open flash files. 

These alternatives are safer than using Chrome 87 to run Flash Player. For all its benefits, the program is too much of a risk because of Adobe’s discontinued support. 

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