Audition Download for PC Full Version (2024)

Download Adobe Audition for PC for free Full Version with the latest features and updated UI. You can install it on your Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS platform free of charge. It lets you edit audio like a pro.

Adobe Audition Free Download

Adobe Audition is a powerful audio toolkit right inside your Creative Cloud membership and this release adds new hardware support and powerful new integration for video workflows today’s video files often have multi-channel audio this groups differently from file to file, additions new multi-channel workflows make it easy to break out multi-channel audio files in verity formats.

So you can work the way you want to with individual channels one challenge for many filmmakers is packaging and editing for sound mixing.

Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition now feature an enhanced interchange workflow now with higher timeline fidelity than ever before the essential sound panel is now in both apps making it easy to start the mix in.

Premiere and move to Audition non-destructively and now out of the Audition transfers most settings from Premiere Pro losslessly native and third-party effect parameters automation keyframes track and sub-mix routing timeline metadata all of these transfer from Premiere to Adobe Audition plus dynamic link provides the video stream, so everything is currently in Premiere. 

Spend less time recreating attempt sound mix and more time finessing and doing what you love the new visual keyboard shortcut editor makes it a breeze to find modifying create custom keyboard shortcuts for any command including keyboards and other languages and new presets support the muscle memory of avid Pro Tools.

Users making the switch to Adobe Audition native support for the PreSonus fader port hardware controller puts a responsive audio mixer on every desktop while taking up less space and a mousepad you can adjust volume pan mute solo track selection and automation at the touch of a button download the latest version of Adobe Audition CC to take advantage of these powerful new features today. 

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Download Auditon for Windows PC (FREE)

If you want to access Adobe Audition on your Windows computer or laptop then you have to follow a few steps to complete installation. The software has been released for Windows 7/8/10 and can be performed on 32 and 64bit.

Step 1: Download Adobe Audition

To install software, firstly you need an installation file that you can download from the link below. The file size is less than 300MB, basically, this is a Creative Cloud installer that lets you download and install Audition for free.

Download Adobe Audition

Step 2: Install Installer

Now you have to go download the folder then extract the installer, if you don’t have a WinRAR archiver then download it first because it will not extract without this software. After that, you have to run the “Set-up.exe” file.

Install Installer

When you open it, it will ask you to log in with an Email ID and password, so you have to put it. In case you don’t have an account you can create a new one or use Google ID to log in. Then it will start the installation.

Step 3: Open Creative Cloud

Once you install it, you can find a shortcut icon on the desktop, so run it to download Adobe Audition. You can also launch it from the taskbar.

Step 4: Install Adobe Audition

Now finally, we can download Adobe Audition for free on PC. Search it in the searching bar then click on the “Try” button to download. If you want to purchase it then click on the “Buy” button.

Open Creative Cloud

It will take a few minutes to complete downloading, so don’t close your windows until it completes downloading. And make sure you have connected with the Internet to do this process.

Open Creative Cloud

Once you download it, you can see the “Open” button click on that to run Adobe Audition. Now you can express it on your desktop for free without paying a single penny. You can also download several Adobe software using Creative Cloud.

Windows 10 
Windows 10
Windows 8, 7 
Windows 10, 8, 7
Download Download Download Download 

System Requirements

ProcessorMulticore processor with 64-bit support
Operating SystemWindows 7/8/10 or macOS
Graphics Card1024 MB of VRAM (2 GB recommended)
Storage980 MB
Sound CardSound card compatible with ASIO protocol, WASAPI, or Microsoft WDM/MME

Other Methods to download

When you install it offline, you will be presented with a few installation choices, among which you must pick your “Language” and “Location.” If you wish to modify the installation directory, click the “Folder” icon, otherwise leave it alone and click “Continue.” Using these steps you can install Audition offline.

Adobe Audition installation

Install Adobe InDesign 

Adobe Audition installation

It will now begin installing on your PC, so please wait until it is finished. It will come to a halt if you close the window. It will alert you in a few minutes that “Adobe Audition has been successfully installed.”

Adobe Audition

Download Audition for macOS

Adobe also released therei softwares for macOS platform so you cannot miss it if you are a Mac user. But the installation process is a little different so follow below steps.

  • Download Creative Cloud macOS Version
  • Open installer, it requires extracting files
  • Now Login with ID and Passcode
  • Search “Adobe Audition” then click on the “Try” the button
  • It will start downloading into your machine
  • When it reaches 100%, click on the “Open” button to edit your Audios

There is one thing you have to keep in mind, sometimes macOS blocks third-party software to install, so you have to go to “System Preferences” then “Security and Privacy“. After that click on “Allow” to unlock it. And your software will be ready to install.

macOS v10.12 or later Apple M1 computersmacOS v10.11 or earlier 
Download Download Download 

Download Adobe Audition Free Full Version

Five effective reasons to try Adobe Audition CC

I’m going to give you five good reasons why you should try the award-winning Adobe Audition CC for your audio editing and post-production needs.

1: Perfect Timeline

A comprehensive multitrack environment assembles and mixes elements to crafts the perfect timeline whether you’re creating a radio show a podcast or sound for video features such as recordable automation automated crossfades and industry-unique tools like automatic speech alignment which makes ADR simpler than you ever imagined audition remix which can recompose any music track in your library to a new duration or the essential sound panel which enables even novice users to create professional sounding mixes audition saves you time and helps you produce incredible results.

2: Peaceful Effects 

Dozens of native effects over 40 effects out-of-the-box enables you to create sonic masterpieces without being forced to purchase additional plugins generate speech or noise patterns for sound design warp recordings using our advanced pitch and time manipulation tools or create a feeling of presence with your choice of advanced reverb delay and compression effects among others.

3: Spectral frequency editing 

Audition was a pioneer in looking at sound in new ways and has offered visual selection and editing in the spectral frequency space for over 20 years enabling you to select and manipulate sound as if you were in your favorite desktop pink program.

4: Fast to use

The core application was rewritten just a few years ago to take advantage of today’s multi-core CPUs and 64-bit architecture shortcut keys for every command, reduced time spent navigating menus and leading features like batch processing and loudness correction can reduce repetitive tasks to a single click.

5: Integration 

Reason to try Adobe Audition CC it plays well with others not only does Audition support industry standards like ITU based loudness measurement and correction OMF and Final Cut XML interchange import and export VST and audio unit effect plugins the most extensive file format support available and audio hardware drivers capable of azo wasabi Mme or core audio but it’s also tightly integrated with other Adobe tools, for instance, you can send a sequence between premiere and audition without rendering video for proper sound mixing in a focused environment or export your project directly to Adobe Media encoder for comprehensive video format and publishing support.

Unable to Play or Hear Sound in Audition?

If You can’t play anything, can’t hear anything, how do you solve this? It’s a simple case of going into your preferences and selecting the right options there so for instance on a Mac it’s under the Adobe Audition menu PC. It’s under the Edit menu you look for preferences you want to go to audio Hardware most important thing and the mistake that often causes this to occur is that you haven’t got any default input or output selected.

Default output should also be the same yes that’s fine, make sure that’s good make sure the master clock is also the same, and that everything else is good everything else looks fine.

Still not working?

We go back into Preferences and instead of audio Hardware we’ve got the audio Hardware right now we go to Audio channel mapping and these are all the channels inputs and outputs on your mixer or on your audio interface and they may not be selected correctly.

Unable to Play or Hear Sound - Adobe Audition

So for output, we have 1 & 2 and If you want to hear audio from channels 7 & 8 stereo channel, select them or yours might look slightly different you might have fewer outputs. Click OK and hopefully, we have audio. It’s as simple as that so a couple of steps you need to look at.

If you’re unable to hear or playback audio in Adobe Audition CC up into the Preferences menu start with your audio hardware make sure that’s correct click on over into audio channel mapping and make sure you’re mapping it out to the correct channels on your particular audio interface or device.

Adobe Audition is a great source of starting audio mixing and learning multitrack. You can create anything with it. It lets you create podcasts, and remix music. Add oomph to your audio. You can also integrate Audition clips with Adobe Premiere Pro without losing quality. Also, restore and repair your clips. It’s time to show your creativity.

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We hope you have installed Adobe Audition on your Windows 7/8/10 or macOS Platform for free. If you encounter any error while installing, leave a comment below with error report.

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