Adobe Audition APK for Android and iOS Best Alternatives

Adobe Audition is one of the biggest names in sound editing. People use the software to streamline and accelerate the video and audio production process. It will create and mix sound effects. You can also use it for cleanup and restoration purposes. The benefits of Adobe Audition cannot be ignored. That being said, the application has certain limits that have encouraged consumers to look for alternatives. 

Adobe Audition APK

Is Adobe Audition Available For Android?

No, Adobe Audition is not available for android. You can only use the application on Windows and Mac. Consumers have already started campaigning for an Adobe Audition APK that will allow them to access the software’s various tools on an android or iOS device such as an iPad. 

Unfortunately, if Adobe has any plans of releasing an Adobe Audition APK, they haven’t announced them. This has forced consumers to look for suitable alternatives.

Best Audition Alternative For Android and iOS

If you don’t want to wait for Adobe to provide an android or iOS-friendly version of their software, you can experiment with the following alternatives:

1. Wavepad

You would be hard-pressed to find a better Adobe Audition alternative than Wavepad. It works on Windows, Mac, and Android. You can also use it on your iPhones and iPads. it will record and edit your audio files and recordings. 


It does everything from cutting, copying, and pasting to adding special effects like echo and amplification. The application supports formats like AU, GSM, VOX, AIF, OGG, and FLAC, to mention but a few. It comes with an attractive, user-friendly interface, audio restoration features, a massive sound effects library, several royalty-free music clips, support for Direct X and VST DLL plugins, the ability to export files to video, and so much more. 

Download for Android, (iOS)

2. FL Studio

This is a comprehensive Digital Audio Workstation that can create beats, edit audio, mix, master, and compose. The user interface is easy to navigate. It simplifies the process of locating and utilizing the application’s numerous features. 

FL Studio

FL Studio, which is the brainchild of Image-Line, allows consumers to pay a one-time fee ranging from $99 to $899 to buy a perpetual license. In other words, users that have purchased the software are entitled to updates forever. 

You can use the lifetime license to enjoy the various features and plugins the developer will include in the numerous editions in the years to come. Even though the application is so cost-effective, it is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of professional audio editors that require top-tier synthesizers and effects to produce high-quality music. Their visualizer plugin allows you to create music videos of the highest resolution. 

Download for Android, (iOS)

3. Voloco

This is more of a voice-processing application than a proper Digital Audio Workstation. People use it for tuning and vocoding purposes. It comes with a decently sized library of tracks and beats. 


Choose a track or beat from the media library and sing over it. The app will identify the track before making the necessary adjustments to the user’s voice. Voloco’s features were not designed to fit singers alone. Rappers can also use it. 

Once you finish your session, you can export your recording to any other mixing app that has the tools you need to edit and polish it. If you are satisfied with the final product, you can use Voloco to post it on social media. 

The application is unlikely to interest people that want a full-featured audio editor. It will appeal to individuals that simply require an application that will automatically correct their pitch. 

Download for Android, (iOS)

4. Garage Band

Garage Band is an Adobe Audition alternative that is only compatible with iOS. It is also free. If you have a Mac, this app most likely came with your machine. It appeals to both professionals and beginners that are looking for a program with decent music recording functions. 

Garage Band

Garage Band will record any type of song you can imagine. It has real instruments that you can use to complement your recordings, not to mention features like Flex Time (which slurs the groove on an audio track) and Groove Matching (which is associated with syncing and tempo), 

Garage Band isn’t perfect. At the end of the day, while professionals can use it, the application was made for beginners. It doesn’t have the advanced features found in popular audio editing programs. You can also use GarageBand on Windows PC.

Though, that isn’t necessarily a limitation because Garage Band allows you to export your files to other applications that have the advanced features you need. Even though a lot of people use Garage Band for podcasts, you can also use it to create music. Yes, it is basic but that also means that it is very easy to use. The user interface is intuitive. 

Only Available for iOS Devices

5. Twisted Wave

This audio editor supports caf, MP3, Wav, FLAC, MP4, and numerous other formats. You can add and remove channels, undo and redo as much as you want, and quickly zoom in and out of the waveform. 

Twisted Wave

You don’t have to wait for the application to apply an effect or load a large file. Twisted Wave does its work in the background, allowing you to perform other tasks. Even though the program is so easy to use, you can use it to produce professional-grade products. 

Download for iOS

6. Ferrite

A product of Wooji Juice Ltd, Ferrite Recording Studio is an audio recording and editing tool. You can use it to automate the volume, add professional effects and adjust automated settings (during playback).


It comes with automatic ducking. The controls are quite precise. Easy to use and compatible with mobile devices, not all the features are available. While the application is technically free, you have to pay to unlock all the additional functions it brings to the table.

Download for iOS


A lot of people are disappointed that Adobe Audition is only available on Mac and Windows. Some people have decided to use the application as it is despite its limitations. But others prefer the flexibility that a phone or tablet has to offer, which is why they have embraced Adobe Audition alternatives like the ones above that work on Android devices.

They do not understand why Adobe is allowing its rivals to make gains in this field by failing to deliver a version of its audio editor that works on Android and iOS. 

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