8 Best 8-Bit Music Maker Free Download

8-Bit Music Maker Free Download

The title track is an artistic process, it takes a lot of time to make a piece of music. You ought to keep in mind what you’re doing should not be repeated or encouraged by anyone else. We’ve found some of the best 8-bit Music Makers that run.

You may have a special 8-bit role. So if you’re looking for the best 8-bit music maker app for beautiful sound production, want to showcase your work in front of a huge crowd, I hope this guide will help you to pick the best 8-bit music maker app.

What is 8 bit Music?

The waveform of the 8-bit signal is almost the same as the original, The 8 bit sound very identical and has nothing to do with the number of bits from the audio. When playing in high resolution like 16 or 24 bit which will sound exactly the same.         

Top 8 Best 8 Bit Music Maker Application 

Here you will get the Top eight Best 8 Bit Music Maker Application, If you are an Android or iOS user, bot operating system 8-bit music maker app you will get here. 

No.8-bit Music Maker
4.Chrome Music Lab
7.Bosca Ceoil

1. Nanoloop

Nanoloop is one of the most popular music-making apps. In this software, you can produce a melody and 8 channels and you can set 8 unique patterns in a single channel. Nanoloop music maker app built for sequencing, tasting, and making up tracking.


If you are a new client and you want to do extraordinarily adjust and then it makes a bit daunting. If you are an Android user the Nanoloop music maker app you can install easily. Otherwise, if you are an iPhone user the Nanoloop music maker app you can get in Apple Store.

2. Tonepad

If you want to do custom any type of music file you can do it easily. Especially this app for iOS users, if you are an Android user you have to use another app. Tonepad apps have a tracker capabilities option with a sixteen × 16 grid wherein and you can activate any type of notification to produce a tone.


Tonepad apps have special features and that’s you can create any type of old Nokia or Samsung phone ringtone.

If you are not satisfied with this app’s free version and they have some premium version, if you use the premium version you will get some extra features and the premium features help you a lot for creating music.

3. Piconica

If you use an Android phone and you want to create 8-bit music the Piconica app is best for you.


If you use the Piconica app you will get some special features like Square wave (Duty cycle 12.5%, 25.0%, 50.0%, 75.0%) and Triangle wave, White noise (Long cycle, Short cycle), Wave instrument * 8 (32 sample wave * 16 amplitude), 1 octave to 8 octaves, Volume envelope, Sweep control (Pitch shift), Wave instruments are editable and you will get some extra feature of Piconica keyboard and that’s 96 keys, Rows: 1 row or 2 rows, Width: 1 octave up to 8 octaves and lastly you can create any type of file format music and you can Play, Rename, Send, Delete everything.

4. Chrome Music Lab

Now talking about the Chrome Music Lab application, If you are not like create music on your Android phone and if you like to create music on the online platform, then the Chrome Music Lab application will be the best application for you.

Chrome Music Lab

The Chrome Music Lab application user interface so much friendly, just you need to visit the Chrome Music Lab website and you can start with a new project and you don’t have to spend money for creating music, it’s completely a free application.

If you use the Chrome Music Lab application, you will get some features like MIDI keyboard, grid, file export advantage and you can share your new project link with your friend. When you start your new project, you can use your computer keyboard key like the arrow key, enter, backspace and spacebar.

5. BeepBox

BeepBox is one of the most popular music maker online tools, you can do in this application sketching and sharing instrumental melodies without any problem.


The BeepBox music maker software provides you fully customizable grid, where you can regulate the keys, rhythm, pace, and reverb. If you use the BeepBox app you can get many types of support for more modern instruments like guitars, keyboard, idiophone, strings, distortion presets, and bass.

When will be complete your project you can export your project with Wav, Mid, Mp3 format file. BeepBox is a fast 8-bit music creator app, you can create any type of 8-bit music.

6. FamiTracker

If you want to create 8-bit music on your windows computer the FamiTracker you can use, most of the windows computer users use it. The FamiTracker music maker app provides you many types of new features and more capability.


The FamiTracker software user interface look may be complicated for new users, but if you use the FamiTracker software continuously then the FamiTracker software every option will be easy for you.

7. Bosca Ceoil

If you do not like to do 8-bit music creating on your Android phone If you like to do work on your desktop, the Bosca Ceoil software is the best choice for you and if you are a beginner musician the Bosca Ceoil software will be perfect for you because the Bosca Ceoil software user interface and designed so much friendly and the Bosca Ceoil software take less than five minutes for learning every option of Bosca Ceoil music maker software.

Bosca Ceoil software provides you a quick built-in tutorial for everything learning quickly.

Bosca Ceoil provides you a different type of support, so if you have never composed music before, it’s will be easy for creating a different type of music. Also, the Bosca Ceoil application completely free you don’t have to pay money.

8. RetroBoy

You can use audacity for creating 8-bit music. Retro Boy music creator app very lightweight and so much fast and you can create a different type of 8-bit music.


The RetroBoy application user interfaces and looking so much user friendly like gaming types of application. RetroBoy application provides you a different type of features like 12.5% pulse, 25% pulse, triangle, sine, noise, saw, and square. The RetroBoy apps completely free, you don’t have to pay money and they are support is amazing.

The Bottom Line 

In this post, I recommend you the best 8-bit music maker software, and the app you’re curious about helps you a lot if you’re using it properly. If you are unable to comprehend any feature, then just search on Google. It is vital to search Google first to see if you have a malfunctioning application so there is no one else who understands the application itself.

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